Your #1 Asset When Creating Residual Income Online

Video: Your #1 Asset When It Comes to Creating Residual Income Online


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When it comes to creating residual income, your #1 asset is building a list. Why? Well as you may know, we live in a busy world for the most part. When you build a list, you’re giving that list of individuals the ability to stay in touch with you and with what you’re offering.

What ever your offer is, it must have the solution to a problem that they might be having. Lack of money, lack of time to do desired things, lack of knowledge to grow their business, coaching, weight loss, etc.

Your list is like your audience and they’ll be waiting to get to know you and see your recommendations to solve their problems. So as you can see creating residual income is more simple when you have an audience that showed interest in what you’re offering and when your offer solve their problems, they’ll trust your future recommendations and buy from you again and again. 

If someone comes to your website and you don’t  have a form to capture their info, such as their email address, then you’re going to miss out on a potential buyer and they will miss the chance to receive valuable info from you about how your product, opportunity or service, can benefit him/her.

Learning about creating residual income online was the best thing that I could ever stumbled upon.

When you build an email list, you can create an income over and over again. That means, you’re helping others get results along the way and they’ll pay you for it.

Now that you know that the number one asset when creating residual income is building a list here’s a free gift that’s going to show you a shortcut.

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