Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People?(The Missing Key Ingredient)

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People? I just had a pushed of courage on creating this video on youtube about the law of attraction. It simply doesn’t work for most people, because they forget to believe and visualize what they want in life. Whether is a life with no worries to pay bills, with more time to spend with family and friends etc…

Law of Attraction in Sports!

There is a law attarction in sprts and let me give an example:

When a baseball player hits an homerun, do you think it was just simply done at that moment? Not really. that player vision himself, probably since a little boy hitting a homerun and he visualized it long enough that his subconscience acted upon it and mage it a reality with coordinating his vision with his movement.

The same goes for runners runnig a race. Before that runner wins, he sees himself at the finish line without thinking about what’s the worst that could happen. Every sportsman that made it, got there because they believe and were consistent visualizers and the subconsciens started acting upon it. Until it was their reality.

Law of Attraction in business opportunities

The same thing goes in business opportunities, which most people go through because they want to have the life of their dreams. Or they just want to have a second stream of income. What ever the goak is, most of them end up being millionaires and successful in the business they’re in, and the reason why is because they are constantly holding that vision and they start seeing themselves as millionaires or with more time to enjoy life at the beach, nature, etc…

They don’t focus on the downfalls, if something doesn’t work they keep trying something new, in that same business. For me 3-way calling wasn’t working, or arranging hotel meetings, or going to the mall to talk to people about my opportunity or going to my family and friends. It might work for people that likes that, but not for me.

So I visioned myself getting sales and signups all online instead and didn’t think on the worst case scenario. Just would come with different strategies and today is my reality.

The law of attraction works if you constantly believe and visualize yourself in that place where you want to be in life.

P.S. I always use this story a an ex-homeless and ex-broke construction worker as a great example of a successful man. Which he used the law of attrction by visioning a system that changed his life and through hi schanging others. Watch this video and see his story on how he’s now a multi-millionaire…




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