Why Aren’t You Happy? The Secret of How To Become Happy…

Are You Wondering Why aren’t you happy or How To Become Happy? Don’t  Look No More…Here is Your Answer.

True there are bad days, but if you focus on being in the flow of happiness, bad days are just little bugs that you can ignore and exterminate (If you just focus on how bad you look or how messed up your life is, thats all you will attract, trust me.



Lets all focus on having fun, living happy, being in peace. Is not that your world is messed up, is that your negative thoughts attracts that situation. I hear peeps saying how boring their lives are, then they move to a different state or country and find themselves bored too. Keep thinkin boring and you attract boring situations. Keep thinking about how broke you are and you will be broke your whole life.


A few years ago I had that mentality of worrying about not having money and the more I thought about it, the more something went wrong that would make me spend more money and stay broke. Anybody has the ability to live with happiness and abundance, but if you focus on problems, guess what, more problem comes.

What you focus on whether positive or negative that’s what you get.
You said you want happiness, but you don’t focus on it. Even through bad times you gotta think what’s the lesson here and how you can find a solution to get back on track. When you think of the things that makes you happy and you go and chase after it, amazing things happen.

Happiness, love, peace, abundance, and all those goodies comes from within not from things or outside. If that’s the case why most superstars aren’t happy or why some of them end up committing suicide…they got all the money and cars, houses, no worries about bills etc. You dig?

Peace out, just felt like sharing this to those wondering why they aren’t happy. True happiness, true love, true peace comes from within, just like when you create something, it comes from your thoughts.

Stop limiting yourselves this world has all the possibilities, but your self-limiting beliefs blocks them.


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Michael De La Cruz




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