When You Have Passion There Is No Room For Excuses: Which One Do You Have?

Dr. Wayne Dyer Writes About The Concept of “Passion vs Excuses”.

Here I was checking my facebook and my wife Krist, just shared a concept by Dr. Wayne Dyer that I’ve been radiating for some time now, but not realizing it. Check out the words from “Dr. Dyer” below:

Here’s a concept you won’t want to forget: passion always trumps excuses. Keep in mind that when I use the word passion, I’m not referring to the romantic notions that this concept conjures. Instead, I’m equating it to a vigorous kind of enthusiasm that you feel deep within you and that isn’t easy to explain or define. This kind of passion propels you in a direction that seems motivated by a force beyond your control. It’s the inner excitement of being on the right path, doing what feels good to you, and what you know you were meant to do.

It’s my contention that the mere presence of passion within you is all you need to fulfill your dreams. Remember that God is in no need of excuses, ever. The creative Divine Spirit is able to manifest anything it contemplates, and you and I are the results of its contemplating itself into material form. Thus, when we have an emotional reaction that feels like overwhelming passion for what we’re contemplating, we’re experiencing the God within us…and nothing can hold us back.

Passion is a feeling that tells you: This is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.

When you’re enthusiastic, nothing seems difficult. When you have passion, there are no risks: family dramas become meaningless, money isn’t an issue, you know that you have the strength and the smarts, and the rules laid down by others have no bearing on you whatsoever. That’s because you’re answering your calling—and the you who is doing the answering is the highest part of you, or the God within.

The presence of passion within you is the greatest gift you can receive. And when it’s aligned with Spirit, treat it as a miracle, doing everything you can to hold on to it.

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Do You Have Passion or Excuses?

You see, when you have passion there is definitely no room for excuses. When you’re passionate about achieving something, you will make it happen no matter what the obstacles are. Sometimes I find people saying how serious they are about achieving happiness and success in their life or even in a business. What I have noticed is that a lot of them are just saying just that, “SAYING” these things but their actions says the opposite.

I have a passion to follow my calling and live my dreams. I have converted my passion into my purpose and through this model, my dreams are my reality.


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