What makes a good presenter?

I was always curious to know what makes a good presenter whent it comes to presenting a product or business plan and through a conversation with a friend of mine, I got the answer. Check below:


Below is a conversation I had with my friend and co-worker Ronald Engstrom. I was just simply sharing my passion and thoughts with my friends is amazing the feedback you get just from being yourself.

Michael: Hi Ron below is the Organo Gold CJM information.

We have one tonight too but at starbucks coference room at Old Seward with dimond if interested.





TIME: 7:00PM


Contact me by phone or email for confirmation or any questions

Contact #: (907)744-5084

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Looking forward to share with you more info on this healthy Organo Gold beverage and our plan.

See you there. Feel free to contact me if you can’t make it.

Ron: Thanks Michael for the invite. I appreciate it.


I will let you know when I can make one of the gatherings. Would it be alright to let you know about a week in advance if I can attend?

 I hope the meeting tonight goes well.

 Best regards,



Michael: No problem Ron, that would be great.

 You’re welcome.

 Yeah,I went to a coffee mixer yesterday and got to see an OG presentation by other members and I kind of was studying their behavior it was nice.  I’ve seen other presentations outside Organo Gold of people just talking to get something from the audience or just to sell something and not really wanting to help people.  

My thing is that I like helping others in what I can. I believe that’s my life purpose as all the jobs I get in life involves helping customers, co-workers, family, friends etc. and I enjoy it, because just as I feel good in life, I want everyone if I could to feel the same. That’s why I chose Organo Gold as I have the opportunity to offer people a healthy product.


I believe that our health is the most valuable thing in life as we can enjoy life better with people we care about in this world. And that’s my other goal enjoy my life the best way I can by taking care of myself and sharing that with others so they can do the same.

 My personal goal is to setup a well being store or healthy store providing people high quality healthy products for a more enjoyable life. So eventually I will provide other organic healthy products besides Organo Gold products.

Alright Ron just feel I could share my thoughts with you and other friends. Thanks for your support! I really mean that.

Comments I got from my friend and co-worker Ronald Engstrom

Ron: Hey Michael,


Thanks for the note and sharing your thoughts.


qualities of a good presenter

I think being a good presenter involves a lot of work and some natural talent to communicate sincerely  with  people.  It’s part art and part science.  One way to learn about presentations is to attend them and note how the presentation is organized, how the information is delivered and how the presenter summed-up the main talking points or closing statements. If you are attending a meeting, it might be good to chat with other attendees to get their thoughts and impressions. I think they could give you some good insight into what worked, and didn’t work, about the product and the presentation. I can tell by your note that you are already doing these things. I would be glad to provide feedback anytime.



There you go. So if any of you ever want to present a product or plan, above I just shared some tips as how to learn about presentations. 



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