The Things they Don’t Tell You When Starting a Network Marketing Business: End The Struggle

Don’t you feel bad when people are rejecting you or avoiding you, just because they don’t wanna hear about your network marketing opportunity?

Well I’ve been there, just being rejected by people, pitching everyone I saw on the streets, family and friends about my product and network marketing opportunities.

Making a list of 100 phone numbers and simply struggling to get any type of results in my business.

Why Most People Struggle in their Network Marketing Business or any Business Industry?

I have learned from my mistakes in network marketing; and because of those mistakes, today I can share them to help others.

This is the #1 mistake most individuals do when starting their business: They pitch their opportunity to everyone, even to people not interested. I was doing this and failed many times.

You see, most leaders tell their distributors to immediately make a list of people to then cold call them into a 3-way call(this method is long dead).

I honestly never completed my list of 100. The reason why was because it was taking me long. I only was able to collect some of  my family members and some friends. and guess what….They weren’t even interested.

So I had this list of 20 people to then end up with no results.

Why People Will Not Join Your Business?

1. Their Pain is higher then the perceived pleasure of joining your business

Let me re-phrase what my friend Mike Dillard told me, when prospects don’t join or say no to your opportunity, it’s because the perceived happiness or benefit they would gain from starting your business isn’t high enough to avoid the pain of the start-up costs.

Solution: I learned that in order to help a prospect overcome this perceived pain, you must pump up their emotions. Every person buy things because of how it makes them feel.

2. Sales Pitch Approach

This one took me a while, but hey, you learn from your mistakes that most companies just don’t teach you about. I had people avoid me at all cost because of just selling.

For example…have you ever been in a store and you immidiately got an associate trying to sell you something? Well, most people just avoid them or tell them that everything is ok.

You see people like buying but don’t like being sold to.

Solution: Don’t market to everybody. Market to people already looking for your products or opportunity. You have to look for people that your product solves a problem for them and have an approach of helping not selling.

The reason why I sell a lot in my business is because I STOPPED selling and focused on solving problems. When you provide people value or solutions to problems you don’t have to sell, they will just buy.

People will buy your products or join your business opportunity based on what problem/s your product or opportunity will solve for them. Also, when you get people excited ready to join on the spot, that could back fire you.

Most people are excited about their business for about 2 weeks and then they get lazy and start feeling remorse.

The thing is that 80% out 20% of your prospects and distributors excitement and desire to become successful will fade away.

So that’s why you need to be consistent on a targetted market and just market to your ideal prospect.

How I Got Better and Faster Results in my Business? More Leads and Sales?

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