The Most Critical Tools Needed To Build Your Network Marketing Empire Or Any Business Online

Essential Tools Needed To Build Your Network Marketing Empire Online

I remember when I started my game in the network marketing industry, how excited I was to start working my way through living my dreams. I was determined to do whatever it took to get there. I went over to my sponsor and asked him, ” ok man I’m ready to do this. What is it that I need to do?” The man looked at me and said, “Mike you need to go and build a list of 100+ people. Talk to your friends and family”.

So there I was, talking to everybody about my business opportunity…all excited until next day when I contacted them back to ask them what they thought, and no response what so ever. I started noticing that people were avoiding me at all cost; my relatives and friends especially. Months after trying and trying, i was feeling discouraged. Even after sponsoring my first 2 signups. My main reason for feeling discouraged was because my team was struggling, even worse than I, to collect phone numbers. They were also being considered annoying by the people they talked to.

I went back to my sponsor and all I was told was, to keep collecting those phone numbers and that I wasn’t doing it right. I just needed to talk to more people. I was ready to quit, but all of the sudden an idea came to my head.

After almost quitting and feeling miserable because my dreams were falling. I decided to pray and ask for guidance and better way to make this work. it took me a while, but it was worth it. Now I can share that experience to help others not go through that or worse.

You see, I realized that most upline tell you what to do to build a business, but they really don’t tell you how to do it. If they tell you how, it’s usually old marketing tricks that no longer works. I realized that, that day.

The idea that came to my head was the idea of making this work online and by making it work online, I would also make it work offline. But I knew that I needed tools though that would help get my vision started. Just, like if you had a restaurant business, you need to buy chairs, tables, and more tools in order to make it work…right? I just knew that people already search for opportunities online. That’s way easier for me to have my business positioned online and working, Once I learned what it took.

I have found the tools that are generating me more leads than I evr thought possible.

  • Without calls/unless the person joined to welcome them i
  • Without meetings/unless they found me on the internet and scheduled appointent.
  • Without chasing family and friends or anybody.

So What Tools Are Needed To Build Your Network Marketing Empire Online And How to Make This Work?…..

1. Minset and Planning

You need to know and feel that in order to make it work you need to be all in it and focused. You need to see it work in your head. You also need to be teachable and invest time in learning the skills. It’s critical that you visualize all this in “your head” before you start taking action. A person with no vision before taking action doesn’t go anywhere. You need to see the path in your head before you get to a “DESIRED” destination.


2. Website or Blog

This is my number one tool. You see, in order to have online success, you need an online presence. I call a website or blog a virtual home where people can find you from all over the world through the power of the internet. It’s also a good way of branding yourself or an opportunity. There is a difference between a website and a blog.

Website: A website is a page that you can setup once and it doesn’t change. It’s very static and the content can’t be updated unless you pay a programmer to do it for you.

Blog: A blog is a website, but it’s designed to build relationship with its visitors. A blog it’s Google best friend as information gets updated frequently. Google and other search engines love blogs because it feeds fresh new information in a frequently matter, rather than a simple website which is just a one time publication.

When you post valuable information to your blog on a consisted basis, Google and other search engines compliments you with free traffic when people search for what your blog or post is about. When building a business online, a blog is the best tool ever, because it’s design to interact with the visitors and build comminities. The integration of social media buttons helps you share your content with a targetted market. You need to be spicific to what industry or niche you’re marketing.

Setting up a blog can cost lots of money and years of learning about HTML and other codes that i myself don’t have to know about with today’s solutions.

I recommend using a blog that is already setup for you and designed for marketing online. is good and it’s free, but the down part of it, is that you will be branding other people’s stuff on the banners that you can’t remove. Also, if you’re promoting a home business or an opportunity they can shut your site down any time without notice. Wasting time and money. Free blog not good for building a business.

You don’t need all that. That’s why I will share with you an optional solution. You can have a blog all setup out of the box, designed by marketers for marketers, especially if you want to build an empire online. You will also have the ability to blog from your phone if you install the free phone app. Around $1,000,000 invested in sales psychology for your convenience…[check it out here] for more details. All you do is pay for the monthly/hosting, which you’ll be surprise how cheap it is and how simple to use.


3. Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page is like a free give away. Meaning that you will give your visitor something valuable for free in exchange of their personal information, like email address, name, phone number etc. A capture page must be something of value that the visitor need in order to solve something. For example, if you’re promoting an opportunity or selling something online, you can have an email form or a banner showing the visitor that they could get free information about your opportunity or product. Or even a disount offer.

When they enter their information in order to get your free offer, then they become your lead as now you have their email and you can follow up with them and send them offers that will help them solve a problem.

You can create your own lead capture page or you can get a blog equipped with all done for you lead capture pages here. The more value you provide your visitors in your blog, the more likely they’ll join your network marketing opportunity as you have given them reasons to do so.

4. Email Marketing Service/Autoresponder

Just like in network marketing offline, you need to build a list online. The difference is that online you’re building a list from people providing you their information in exchange of something of value you’re offering. This could be a free training, a discount on something you’re selling, or just valuable information. This kind of give you an idea how to go about offline.

Online you will get tons of leads by them coming to you as they found an offer you had on the internet that they wanted or were curious about. The beauty is that you get leads without three-way calling or cold calling people. The leads you get are there because they decided to give out their information in exchange for something they found interest or were searching.

The need of an email marketing service/autoresponder….

You need an email marketing service or autoresponder service because as you start getting leads, you will find it hard to keep up with everyone. Imagine trying to write an e-mail to 1,000 people or leads one by one…Now that would be craaazyyy.

Time consuming for both your leads and you. So an email/auto-responder is required just to make your life easier after all you want to have a business while having a life.

An email marketing service will allow you to email multiple people with one email. Meaning that you write one email and you can have your email marketing service broadcast to a selected list of people you would like to communicate with.

The autoresponder service in this tool can help you automate your emails. For example, let’s say you have to attend a wedding or you just want to take a break from your business, you can pre-write your “emails” and store it on your autoresponder section. What would happen is that when a lead subscribes to your list via a capture page, also known as a “Squeeze Page”, They will receive the first email you added to you autoresponder service.

Meaning, your autoresponder service will send them your pre-written emails automatically. You can even schedule when, you want an email you wrote sent to a list or that person that subscribe. For autoresponder I currently use aweber, which is pretty good. Go here for details. This type of service can be found for thousands of dollars and aweber provides the service for only ($19.00/mnth, $1 for the first month). Pretty good price and never changes no matter how big yoru list is.

If you have any questions about building your network marketing success online feel free to email me at my e-mail below.

Hope this really helped…leave your comments below and share it with someone that is looking to skyrocket their business online.


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