The Key to Happiness is Participation: Come and Participate in our Movement for Happiness (:-))

Happiness is Participation: Come and Participate in our Movement for Happiness.

Have you ever noticed that people are the happiest when they are participating in something? Well throughout my whole life I have noticed this. For example: In school most students want to be part of the coolest crew or the popular crew.

They would dress like them or even act like them, just to get accepted to join and participate in their activities that makes them cool and shine. I was in that spot before noticing that is all an illusion.

Though, they are not aware that they are not being themselves and they rather act like someone else to be accepted. All they care about is that they feel happy getting all the attention and being accepted by the “cool” group.

There is something wrong in that though; they are not being themselves and when you are participating in a business, a movement, a job, and life in general, you soon become unhappy because what you’re doing is not in alignment with who you are and it drains you. Other people get bad vibes from you because you’re not being real.

That’s why it’s best to participate in life with people that doesn’t judge and people that wants you to be happy for who you are and not for who you want to be or pretend to be. Life is happier with people that only wants to see the best version of yourself.

Everyone has a unique purpose in this life and only by being themselves that purpose comes to life. I found who I was through blogging. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

When you participate and surround yourself with people that doesn’t care if you don’t know everything, but it’s willing to teach you if you’re willing to learn, life it’s easier and success comes in every aspect of the way.

An example I always use is the life of the ants. Just the way they participate together in their daily tasks, makes them strong. Their lives are easier and happier because they all fulfill their vision to survive.

Participation Affects Business and Life.

When you see people in life doing things on their own and don’t participate in anything in their life, they are sad and depress.

For example, people that have partners but don’t participate with them, they end up having miserable relationships. As there is no interaction going on.

Another example; People joining an opportunity and not participating in what is being presented to them.

  • Using their tools.
  • Following their trainings and applying them.
  • Providing feedaback.
  • Follow Provided tasks Daily.
  • Joining webinars or events and more…

All of those things above are things that is there to help get the things they want to get in life. Like:

  • Financial freedom.
  • Promote a different business opportunity.
  • Travel.
  • Help family and friends.
  • Pay for education of kids and more…

What I’ve seen and that I’ve done myself is being part of a business opportunity and not participating in what they’re offering. And that’s ok because maybe what you’re required to do in that business to reach your goals it’s something you don’t enjoy doing and you rather not participate as it’s not who you are.

That’s when you have to find something to build your business that you enjoy doing. I started my network marketing business that required me to:

  • Have meetings.
  • Chase people.
  • Cold Callings…

….and more stuff that I didn’t like doing. When you try doing things that you don’t naturally enjoy or love doing, you get frustrated and don’t follow through. All that I mentioned above it’s cool and it works, but for people that enjoy doing it.

If you don’t enjoy or love what you’re doing, it will never work.

  I enjoy Participating in life

  • Being able to enjoy time with my wife.
  • Spiritual activities
  • Travel.
  • Visit family and friends.
  • Go on all a nature walk.
  • Family parties…

Whatever the reason is that you’re part of a business opportunity, job, affiliate program etc…Make sure you participate.

Part of my happiness in life is being able to participate in a movement that has changed so many lives; finacially, mentally, and spiritually. It has helped people break free from. It’s nice to participate in a movement that is changing lives. One of the things that I enjoy mostly in life is helping and seeing others succeed.

By refering people to this system, where they have the tools and training to reach what they want in life makes me happy.

If you would like to participate with us in being happy and helping thousands be happy as well, you can watch this {free video} for further information about our movement.


Michael De La Cruz

Participating in the share of joy and happiness in life.






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