The Inspiring Story of Tim Harris

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”-Walt Disney: This inspiring story got my tears out and got me even more empowered to live my dreams and help others.

 Inspiring Story of a Special Restaurant Owner With a Very Special Heart

This inspiring story really touches my heart and uplifts my spirit. A lot of people out there always quitting on their dreams and living a life of misery. Not because they are unemployed or not because they have money. Most of them aren’t happy because they’re not living their dreams. They are not doing the things that would allow them to be happy.

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Tim Harris, the restaurant owner above, dreamed of having a restaurant since little and he followed with an amazing and a special heart.

How he did it? Well, by taking action and showing happiness with others before getting there.
When I was little I always dreamed of being a professional baseball player in the BIG leagues. I gave it my all until one day my arm didn’t work to make my dream come true. At that moment I told myself that it wasn’t over it’s just that I will get there differently, with a different vision and a different path.

inspiring story
You see, I realized that I didn’t want to become a Pro in baseball for the sake of being a basball player, but I wanted to be in the big leagues because that would bring success to my struggling family.

And that’s how I discovered
my biggest dream. The dream to see my family uplift from hunger, from the hole where they were at. Back then I saw that vision in my head and I fell that sense of happiness way deeep inside me.

Today here I am making my dreams come true. In the process, I’m helping others make their dreams come true. Eventhough it’s not through baseball, I understood that there was a bigger purpose then baseball. Back then I might’ve not been ready for the change.

The reason why, was…because back then I didn’t understand the importance of other. I was just focusing on myself.
As the person at the above video, Today I love that feeling of seeing others smile. It’s a beautiful thing. My wife and I went to the mall today and thought of what to get for ourselves. We bought each-other gifts. And then before leaving, we thought of others. I told her, “Krist, we have to get other people something as well”.

And not because we wanted anything from them, but because we enjoy seeing people smile and happy. It’s not really about the money, which having money it’s good, but it’s what you’re able to do with it that REALLY MATTERS.

But you don’t really need money to make others smile. As you can see with hugs and smiles you could illuminate people’s lives. Like the young and successful entrepreneur in the video. You can learn more about him by visiting his website here.

Money is not a bad thing like most people say out there. If you use it for bad, then I don’t tell you. But when you use it to make others happy, it’s a pleasurable feeling. Money allows you to make a difference in many lives. Just like a man I know is doing.

If in a business you want to be successful, you MUST stop thinking just about your business or yourself and focus more on others.
Be true to people, share happiness and believe in yourself. You have an unique purpose that only you and in your own way will fulfill.


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Let’s Show the World The Joy That we Possess Within 🙂

Your dreams… no matter how… will be a reality, just don’t quit. True Success comes from within.

From the bottom of my heart,

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