The I love You Mom Life Cycle: Happy Mother’s Day Sayings…

I found this very funny because I’ve seen this many times in other people. I remember when I was little I would find my mom as the person that was trying to riuin my happiness and fun. But after getting older I see the all she was doing was looking out for me and caring about my safety.

To me is crazy how as a child we’re not aware how much our mother cared about us while as kids, but then with age we see them as our friend.

I just thought I share that poem above I found on the internet.


I’m on a vision to have all the time in the world to spend time with my mom and offer her the life she and and everyone deserves. My vision and my purpose are being fulfilled thanks to this.


We should all be thankful for our parents especially our mothers for having us.


Happy Mother’s Day


From the heart..

Michael De La Cruz

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