The Formula To Succeed in Anything including Your Business. Just be in The Flow…

Vishen Lakhiani discusses the 2 key ingredients to achieving flow. Being in the flow is what makes things click in life. I remember that the best things in my life happened while I was in this state of flow that Vishen mentions in this video.

And they continue to happen that way. Be thankful and happy where you at today and visualize yourself where you want to be in life.

Two days ago, I was haging out with my wife at her salon and she showed me this video. I was thinking about how thinks picks up in her business and mines when we’re happy and enjoying our lives. We were talking about how we always thank God for everything we have in life, even before we had a business.

It’s true I had my struggles, but for some reason things started to pick up again almost magically. My wife and I always treat negative situations as positive learning experiences. You see, when you’re in the flow, you see the world and its situations differently. No matter what we’re going through we always manage to overcome it.

The reason why is because we see and know that what ever situation we go through is in reality a lesson or experience that leads us to success. If people just see failures as lessons that brings success, life can be as magical as they  wanted it to be.

When your’re in the flow great things happens in life.:

  • Help out of no where.
  • The right connections for your business.
  • Opportunities to enjoy life, and lot of great blessings.

Yyou can’t expect good things to come in your business or in life while being miserable. Meaning while not being happy and having a vision with your business or life.

You have to love and enjoy what you’re doing now and where you at.

For example, if you currently are in a business that you hate what you do, then you have to get out of that, if you want happiness in your life.

I was discharged from my previous job for lateness. I just hated the environment and lacked motivation to go. I found myself forcing myself to show up. At times something would happen that would prevent me from showing up on time. Is like the universe was telling me that I didn’t belong there. The job was not in alignment with who I am. Even though I was getting paid, it was not my environment. I felt like like was being held back from growing or even being myself.

Before I got fired I knew that I had to get out.

I learned that enjoying and loving what you do is what makes entrepreneurs successful no matter what they’re doing.

When I started my network marketing business, I found myself not going anywhere and no longer in the flow. Why? Becuase I was doing things that I didn’t enjoy doing.

  • Calling people to hear my offer/Three way calling.
  • Chasing people.(family and friends) etc.

I wasn’t seeing the positive in that, which was that doing the things that I didn’t like doing helped me discovered the things that I like, which is enjoy life with my loved ones and have a vision. 2-3 months after realizing that, I found Empower Network, which has a system that totally helped enjoyed the things I love doing and at the same time have a business or two should I say.

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Michael De La Cruz

Being in the flow of happiness and abundance

God Bless Everyone.






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