The Biggest Home Business Mistake – Ignoring Metrics‏

What is the Biggest Mistake People Make in The Home Business Industry?


One of the biggest mistakes people make in this industry is trying to sell a business online that is not “profitable” online.


What do I mean by that?


You see… a lot of people join any mlm or home business opportunity

they find and they figure they can just market it on the internet and

make a huge buck.


So many times, ignoring metrics.


How metrics affect your business and selling your opportunity online:


Whenever you build your business over the internet, you need to keep advertising costs in mind.


From my experience, it usually always takes between $50 and $300 in advertising spending to acquire one single customer.


Here is the problem if your business is not “optimized” for selling it online.


If your business opportunity only pays out 250 commissions, it simply will

not work selling it online.


It’s almost impossible because you would spend $200 in ads to get your

customer and then the final value of that sale would be only $250.


(Which leaves us with a measly $50 profit).


Almost impossible to build a 6-figure business that way.


So, what is the solution to this?


The solution is to have a business model that simply accommodates internet marketing.


Let’s look at one of my businesses, ESS, for 

example that I promote on the internet.


One of the commissions in this business 

is the $1,000 commission.


Therefore, whenever I go out and run ads, 

my profit margins are HUGE.


Because of the High Ticket Backend components 

of MOBE, you can go out and even spend upwards 

of $400’s on advertising to get a $1,000 sale.


Now we are talking business!


For every $400’s you spend on ads, 

you would get a $1,000 commission

in this example.


Also you have a professional sales team 

closing sales for you so you won’t have to.


So let’s look at metrics here:


$400 spent on ads = $1,000 earned


$800 spent on ads = $2,000 earned


$1,600 spent on ads = $4,000 earned


$3,200 spent on ads = $8,000 earned


$6,400 spent on ads = $16,000 earned


Now, you have a real online business. 


With significant enough profit margins

to quit your job and start earning 6-figures 

a year on the internet.


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