The 12 Fantastic Musts To Achieve Great Success in Network Marketing

How to Achieve Great Success in Network Marketing

Hi again, Michael De La Cruz here and I got great information on Network Marketing success. It’s a Saturday and I’m spending sometime with my wife just talking about our dreams and goals. I decided to take a moment though, to share valuable information that you might or might not know,  but aren’t applying it. This applies if you’re building your business online or offline.

If you’re serious about adding a few commas to your pay check commissions, I’m going to lay out 12 things you Must Do to build your organization offline or online.


1. Lock The Doors

You have to understand that when you start, there is no room to quit or giving up. Why go back to a life of frustration? Or go back to what you disliked in the first place. You have to be in the right mindset. Why would you quit something this good?

The problem is that nobody is telling you the info you need and the direction to take to get results or the information is not being applied. So ofcourse you feel like quiting and trying something else. But instead of quiting why not try to figure this thing out? It’s doable, trust me. Why not then do it?

2. Be a Copy-Catter

I don’t mean stealing from someone else. What I mean is, borrowing on somebody else’s expertise and applying it. Doing this, you can take whatever shortcut you can by copying the success of others. If you want to be successful, you need to find somebody that has what you want, and simply copy what they’re doing. Just copy what they do.

3. Actively Listen (“Clear Your Ears”)

A lot of people say that just because you talk well, means that you’re good in sales. I mean, it’s nice that you have the gift to be well spoken, but it’s really the ability to listen and act upon what you heard that makes the big difference. Look right now we have resources all over the place.

If someone has a problem and you actively listened to their problem then you can help them and talk to them. I found out that the biggests producers I know, are those that listen patiently to what their prospects are telling them.

I used to work in call centers, and applying active listening was what gave the scores to getting great customer satisfaction points. I would listen to the customers’ problems and upon listening, I would solve their problems or reason of the call as I had the resources to help them.

The same thing goes in network marketing or any business opportunities. If you focus on talk and talk without listening to what their problems are, they will feel like you’re not interested in helping them.

Everything will be known when you focus on what the prospect are telling you. You know, there is no room for texting, facebooking, twittering, emailing, or simply anything else for that matter, when you’re on with a prospect. At that moment YOUR PROSPECTS should be the most important thing in the world to you. That’s if your’re serious about achieving great success in your business. Simply start treating your prospects with that attitude or tone, and you’ll see how your checks begin to increase.

4. Don’t Stick One Feet In And The Other Out

I have heard a lot of people saying, “I’ll give this a try and see if it works”. Like this is some kind of hobbie. You can’t give this a try and expect it to work as my friend Todd Falcone says. You have to be all in, in whatever business you’re in. For example if you’re building your business online you have to DECIDE to do it. Once you make the decision and focus, things will begin to make since. Holding one foot in and the other one out which is holding the door, is a certain formula for failure no matter what you’re doing.

5. Don’t Be The Stressed-out Boss

My wife and I, usually go dancing on weekends to exercise. While sitting at our table we always observe people with a long face sitting alone. We decided to go and talk to the person to see why she was alone and with no smile what so ever, she said that nobody wanted to sit with her and no body would ask her to dance. My wife decided to invite the lady over to our table and for some reason she started smiling and was happy that someone noticed her.

She said she didn’t understand why people wouldn’t get close to her. We noticed that all of sudden people would ask her to dance and they would even talk to her. This happen after she lighten up and started showing those smiles of happiness.

In Relation to Network Marketing Success

No one likes unhappy people especially grumpy people. It’s just to hard and heavy to be around them. They need their time to heal from their issues and that blocks them to move on in life. You need to start SMILING more often. Enjoy the process and the journey. Just have fun with the process.

You will find that everything will flow so nicely and that there will be no room for failure even if you haven’t gotten there yet. Simply show that. I notice people out there just doing the same things over and over and not even seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of trying to see the light at the end of tunnel, why not just be the light. Just look at yourself as the light or the one carrying it.

When you do that, you’re telling the world that surrounds you, that you’re free. We offer people freedom; a chance at prosperity if they simply take a hold of it. When you smile alot, people are always looking at you to see what the heck are you up to. Sooner or later you will see people wanting happiness too. They will come to you…wanting a piece of what you have.

5. Go Get It

If you’re thinking that success just happens; that thinking is wrong. God doesn’t just provide you with prosperity and then one day you’re rich. He provides you with opportunities, but it’s up to you to go get it. Success occurs because you created it.

If you’re willing to take massive action, go that extra mile, and END the journey strong, you will indeed assured yourself success and prosperity in this business or in any other really. Don’t sit there waiting for the business to come to you, you have to make it come to you.

  • Take initative
  • Start
  • Be Proactive

Take note of those words. Those words have everything to do in how successful you become in this profession. You have to treat it like a business and have fun in the process.

I bet you can find more than 12 musts in this post. I shared this with my friend the other day and he appreciated it as his business started getting results after implementing this. You have to be responsible for your actions and results in life. That’s the attitude of a successful entrepreneur.

Start living your life with happiness, rely on yourself only, and lastly, let others know that they can rely on you. Whether offline or online.

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