6 Positive Mindset Hacks That Can Achieve Your Desired Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why people succeed? Or Why mindset, success, achievement, and goals are all tide together? Well not that long ago I discovered that what separates successful people from average people is the mindset.

Did you know that they already thought differently in their mind even way before they achieved the goals and level of success they now possess?

For example, in July of 2014, I made a choice to be a barber. It was something that never occurred to me before . At the time I was managing my wife’s hair salon, but 2 people in my life kept suggesting that I should be a barber. One of them even asked me why I’m not a barber? I responded, “It’s not my thing”.

Then one day I went out dancing with my wife and on the table was a flyer with an offer to earn a barber’s license; talking about signs from God and the universe.

I was ignoring the signs, but that day I made decision and while showering with my wife and told her about the signs and how I wanted to start barbering school would help the salon and help me have a new skill of creativity.

It was exciting, I started having thoughts of seeing people look at themselves in the mirror and being happy with their new haircut. You know… that feeling that you get when you know you look good al freshen up.

So my point here is that even you don’t know, at times, OTHERS WILL SEE IN YOU WHAT YOU DON’T SEE IN YOURSELF. But I had to be in the right mindset in order to be aware of those signs. If my mindset wasn’t receptive, I would’ve ignored this opportunity of learning a new craft and share a new passion.

At times things feel like they’re not going your way. You see there was a time that I was at 0, I had no job, no money, and hungry, but because of my mindset and strong faith in God, I knew that my life was going to change and this was a lesson to prepare me for that level of growth to achieve. This is called positive thinking Read More …