3 Step Formula For Deliberately Attracting What You Want In Life

Are you attracting what you want in life? If you’re not or not sure how to attract what you want, here is the solution to truly change your life and achieve what you truly desire in your life…


Have you ever wondered why some people get positive results and why some get negative results in their lives?


It has to do with 3 things:

  1. Programmed Beliefs/What’s in your subconscious:  What we’re told as kids, what we pay attention to on a daily basis etc. Example: You’re told that being rich sucks. rich people suck, you don’t deserve wealth, you’re not worthy of any success or a good relationship etc. These thoughts turn into beliefs and because of this, you hardly ever get what you want in life.
  2. Daily Spoken Words/language: If all you do is complain every single day of how much life sucks, blame people, companies, products, or systems for your failure, guess what you will always attract… more of it right? Common sense but most people aren’t aware of the language they’re talking everyday.
  3. Daily Thoughts: This goes along with your words. If you speak negatively every single day, you’re also gonna think negatively every single day.


You may notice that the examples I gave above are negative examples. Doesn’t it make you feel YUCK? Well, how feel everyday is what’s influencing what you attract in life. If you want to get POSITIVE RESULTS, take responsibility for your results and chose to talk positive, think positive, and take positive actions.


Learn how to see negative things in positive way! What I mean by that is that, negative situations in your life GIVES YOU CLARITY so you can focus more on what DO you want. From bad relationships you learn how to get a good one, from bad jobs you learn how to seek out your desired one and so forth. See the connection?


So you want know how to start attracting what you want in life?

attracting what you want in life


3 Step Formula for Attracting Positive Results and What You Want in Life


Check out this video I shot for you…

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vision and success

Another thing that wasn’t mentioned in the video is that you must also take action. The word ATTR-ACTION has the word action in it.

I realized this from a workshop hosted by Max Ryan. He’s a certified coach on attracting positive results. Learn more about him by visiting his website attract positive results.

Thanks for visiting this site. Hope this information got into your core and that you can use it to start attracting what you seriously want in life and live the life of your dreams.


From the heart,

Michael De La Cruz

photo of michael and krist de la cruz

Me and my wife Krist De La Cruz on trip to Seward, Alaska

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