So how do you make money online?

How do you make money online? Hmm..


I get this question allll the time, but the truth of the matter is that just because I have gotten results with [this system] doesn’t mean that others will.


Not because the system it doesn’t work , but because most people aren’t action takers and most people don’t know where to get people that are hungry to join an opportunity or buy valuable products.


Most people read a chapter of a book, but never read past it.


They get introduced to 3 steps but they don’t go beyond 2.


I follow these steps over and over again to make money online no matter what business, opportunity, or affiliate company I’m in.

The results…



  1. Create
  2. Capture
  3. Convert


I drive traffic to a CREATED lead capture page.


You know the one that has an area to enter an email.


Then when people interested in my offer enter their email, I CAPTURE their information in my email marketing or auto-responder software, where I can followup with them in case they don’t buy my product or join my opportunity after they enter their info.



After they enter their information, they get redirected to a video or sales letter that shows them the offer. A certain percentage of those subscribers buy or sign up to what is being offered.



This is what it’s called CONVERTING leads or  prospects in sales or signups.



The problem with most people is that they don’t know where people already interested in joining a business or buying a product are at.



Luckily, I surrounded myself with people that taught me where to find quality traffic, or people looking for opportunities  on the internet.



They taught me about getting traffic through free strategies such as BLOGGING DAILY. Blogging takes time though.


So to get immediate results in the mean time, I use Paid traffic.


Meaning I pay for traffic of quality leads looking to join a home business  or to make money online to be sent to my website



So where do you find quality traffic and leads for your

home business or make money online opportunity?  


==> Click here and watch this video to find  out.


you can thank me later.


All the best,


Michael De La Cruz

photo of entrepreneur Michael De La Cruz showing how do you make money online

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