Sharing My Struggles and Breakthrough in Network Marketing: My Struggles has been My Greatest Success

Have You Ever Struggled In Life or in a Network Marketing Business?

The Mistakes Most People Do in Network Marketing were the same mistakes I was doing when I started many years ago.

From being rejected 10 thousand times by people in 3 different network marketing opportunities, I was forced to find the solution. Not by blaming people or the company as I used to, but through changing my way of thinking within.

I knew needed to learn new information as the information I was being feeded from my sponsors was not working for me nor for people in other teams. I learned that you have to do what most people find boring in order to have what most people don’t have.

Blogging is awesome and powerful. I never knew I would find a way to get leads easy without facing the rejections I went through while trying to get people join my network marketing business.

I was wrong thinking about my business to grow it. I learned that I needed to focus on people and business grows along. This 2014 I’m willing to continue to help people get the results they want and keep being successful and happy.

Because I discovered that it’s better to market to people wanting to buy or join what you have that could help them, than market to people that are not giving you interest on your offer..the internet is powerful my friends.

If you’re not a blogger that’s fine because there are people that are willing to that work for you for cheap. I also learned how to use paid traffic where I pay to get traffic(visitors) on demand to my pages.

It’s awesome what I have learned from the training provided when I joined this 3 step simple system. It’s not only a system, but a community where people care about my success.

This year something different happened. I just thought of freeing myself from being stuck to my business. I have partnered up with the easiest sales system, where a professional sales team closes the calls for me, all while I keep all the commissions. I know for sure that 2014 is gonna be the best year ever for me and my team if they apply what they’re learning or have learned.

If you have a problem in your business or you’re not making the type of money you want to make, then you should check this system out <== where all the sales are done for you, including the traffic. If you would like to know how you can break free take this free video for the formula. I will also send you further information if you’re not yet in the list.

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Michael De La Cruz's network marketing struggles

Michael De La Cruz

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