Not Getting Any Results Yet? How to Stay Motivated in Business and Life

You want to know how to stay motivated in business when not getting any results yet?


Are you finding it harder than ever to stay motivated in your business? Here’s  how to stay motivated in business.


This solution was the number one thing that helped me out when I started my business online and that helps me keep going. This has not only helped me in my online business, but in other areas of my life.


Is the solution I heard a very recognized successful person named Ray mentioned not that long ago…


There are actually two things to stay motivated in business even if you’re not getting any results yet…

Check this video out where I mention them:

[Video] How to stay motivated in business

vision and success


So as you can see there is a process between you’re starting a business and getting results. This process also known as mistakes, obstacles, and failure are actually a blessing in disguise. Without going through it you can’t become the person you want to become.



1) Be led by you vision and why – Paint a clear image in your mind of what working on your business will bring into your life…. why your’e doing it


2) Watch videos, listen to audios, read books about other successful people. They will share the failures, mistakes, or obstacles they faced before achieving their success/dreams and how they overcame them.


How to stay motivated in business


For example, the video I shot above… you think I was always able to shoot and upload a video? NOPE. There were times that I wanted to put my camera down and never touch it again of how bad I sounded. But I kept going.


I decided to shoot videos everyday and every day I felt a little better about it until I got comfortable making videos. I didn’t matter if I had to shoot the same video multiple times, WHAT DID MATTER was my clear vision and why I was doing it and continue to do it. YOU SEE HOW EVEN THOUGH I COULD’VE QUIT SHOOTING VIDEOS, I STAYED MOTIVATED?


I painted a vision of why I was doing it and what would doing it bring to my life, then star’ted seeing how others awesome communicators making videos sucked at videos at first. THAT GIVES MOTIVATION, doesn’t it.


Is true that there is a shortcut to things, but people want to find a shortcut to the shortcut. Once you understand that there is a process before achieving the results you want to achieve, things become simple and you end up attracting results fast.

You must allow yourself to learn, do, and teach in order to get faster results.


How can you share your experiences with others and help them out if you didn’t allow yourself to experience them. (Can’t relate to people)


How can you help others make good decisions of which product or service to purchase if you haven’t experience or tried for yourself the product or service. Get my point?


So now that you know how to stay motivated in business and about the process that every successful person goes through before achieving their success, understand that YOU’RE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON and  THE RESULTS YOU SO DESIRE ARE ON THE WAY.


Don’t quit on your dreams, keep your vision, and get surrounded by people that believe in you and that can mentor you through those unpleasant times that we as human go through in order to grow and achieve what we want.



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I hope this helped you know how to stay motivated in business and pretty much in your life.


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