My Wild and Crazy Wedding Story. Sharing Some of the great moments in my Life :)

My Wedding Story.

I just want to share about my wedding story. After being together for almost 2 years. I have finally signed my contract and have decided to take my relationship with her to a whole new level or chapter. We met salsa dancing at a local club and eversense we have felt like we’re soul mates. I enjoy doing everything with her.

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love with someone that you enyoy being with, someone you can be yourself with, someone that respects you, and respects the way you are. Someone that loves you just the way you are.

Do to those feeling and observations while we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we have discovered that we were right for each other and that we would start our merriage chapter together.

We have learned through life experiences that we should all be in a relationship  with a person that you don’t need to change. We learned that if you feel that you have to change someone, than most likely that person is not for you. I never been in a relationship like this one. It’s like it came from something Divine. I thank God each day for my partner as I prayed to him for someone like her. Though he sent me better than what I asked for.

We had our arguments but we’re so evolved that we can communicate our discomfort and somehow things just work out. We’re also very spiritual, so we get that our discomfort or negativity if any, usually comes from other sources and not from ourselves.

More of Our Weeding Story.

 We got married on November 2, 2013. The wedding was held at my step-mother’s house.

My step-mother was throwing a halloween party and I personally called her and informed her that we were getting married. She was so happy for us. She invited us to her party earlier in the week, but I have told her that we were getting married the same day of her party. So I asked her if we could get merried at her place on that date.

It was funny because she didn’t know that she was going to be the Marriage Commisioner. I explained to her that we went to the court and got a permit assigning her as a merriage commissioner. She was facinated because she never knew that it was possible for someone to choose whoever they want, to marry a couple. We explained that the state only allows it once in life time.

The day before our marriage we decided to make our own cake. It turned out very nice. The best part was that it was a cake that we made together. That made our wedding extra special.

She have already invited people to her halloween party and they didn’t even know that there was a wedding taking place. So it was kind of like a surprise for most people. Only like 5-6 people knew about our marriage at that party. I did tell all my other relatives and some friends. It was the craziest, but the most fun fun wedding ever. I say crazy because it was a wedding held in a halloween party. Now that’s rare.

Currently, we still go out on weekends and still do the same stuff that we did before getting married. We feel like nothing has changed or that we just added a paper to our relationship. I decided to comit to my wife Mrs. Kristin De La Cruz.

And thats how my wedding story ends and at the same time a new chapter of it starts.

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P.S. Life is full of surprises and changes for the best. after coming to U.S. again, I never thought that I would find my twin flame in Alaska or even be merried. My goals were to study, work, and pursuit the Dream of being happy, spiritually and mentally. God blessed me in adding a partner who I can share that with, and grow with.
Let me share a story of an Ex-broke, homeless man that his life changed without him ever expecting that would take him to where he’s at now. He believed, made a decision, and discovered a system, and  took action. All that equals to his success.
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