My successful vision statements and purpose in the world

My Dad and II just want to share my successful vision statement.

My vision and purpose in life is to be free and set my family and friends free. I mean being able to empower others and not worrying about not having money to pay bills. Also I visualize myself helping others succeed like Empower Network is helping me reach my goal.

If you’re reading is because you’re tired of the struggle so go below and join the empower Network. Once you join be prepared to take your life to the next level, but you have to have a purpose whether is personal freedom or help others, purpose is the key to success.

In case you didn’t know I’m from Dominican Republic and was brought to the United States by my dad when I  was 2 year-old.

7 years ago or so my dad took me back to DR and spent 7 years there.

Well, long story short, I got to see my family in that country struggle with hunger, getting kicked-out of houses just because they couldn’t afford to pay rent on a month by month basis, working on shitty jobs that most of the time they didn’t get paid on time.

I also saw my friends complain about how they hated their extremely draining jobs, but they didn’t have a choice because their family live depended on that job.

So I made a promise to myself when get back to the United States I’m going to make a change to help my family. So I came to Alaska with no money.

I got into school earned my GED as when my dad took to me to DR I was only 15 so had to drop from the highschool I was going to. So I got my GED and got my first job in Home Depot, which it was a fun job, but I wasn’t making enough money to help my dad pay rent here and help my family in DR.

So I quit and the reason why was to help my dad clean buildings as a janitor, as he couldn’t clean the buildings himself. A week later I went online to apply for corporate jobs.

Since I worked in a call center in DR I gained great customer service skills. I entered my previous work experience in my resumé, then a week later I got a call from Xerox offering me a job position.

I still was thinking bigger and bigger. I wanted to have enough money to help my family in DR and help my dad, I needed freedom from a system that maintained me broke and with no chance of helping my family.

I want freedom I said. I want to own my own business and be my own boss.

I was glad I got a job don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to work for someone else, I don’t want to depend on a job that there is no security that I will work there for a long time. I mean not to be negative, but stuff happens and bang you got dismissed, fired, or you had to quit for some reason. The things with job is, that is not secured

So I said all that to myself and a year later I get introduced to Organo Gold. I remember that my uncle Julio called from DR and told me to get in the business and because I needed a change and wanted to own my own business to help my family, I said I’m in, I’m going to wait to get paid and I’m getting in and think of this as my passport to freedom.

So I remember when I got in I started chasing my friends to join the business I mean don’t get me wrong you could talk to your friends and they might join your business, but that was not the case with with me, I offered the business to my friends and non of them were interested, but I didn’t stop though I was doing my research to find the perfect program that would help me explode my business and what I found was Empower Network

Which if you click below you will found our vision for you and why you should get all in. I mean I came back to the U.S. with no money and because I took action in making a change I was able to finish school, get a job, succeed.

I mean today I’m going to college, but I’m doing it as an example to my family as the good decisions I’m making for them, and it all relies on my purpose in life which is to give freedom to my family and to give freedom to myself from worrying about not having money to pay my bills, worrying about my family being hungry, worrying about my friends being stuck in the struggles of wanting to be free but can’t because they need their jobs .


So out of all this purpose is what helps you succeed in life no matter what is  having a purpose.

What is yours join this movement for freedom and make a decision to be free. I will help you, we will help you get there no matter what program you’re in. Just get in and be prepared to be mentored by a group of individuals that cares about you, your family, and your future. >>>Click here and prepare to blow your mind<<< audio live training


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