My guide to living an exceptional life: The Power of Communication

living an exceptional life !

living an exceptional life

My Girlfriend Kristy and I at the new Fusion Bar and Grill. Our new favorite latino music and dancing place. Que bien



To me life is beautiful when you have someone to enjoy it with. I always put God in life first no matter what. I now am in a relationship that I feel more balanced and joyful to be in it. My girl and I talk about everything and always have fun together. Our relationship has lasted more than we expected and the reason why is because we decided to invite God in our lives and always asked him to bless our relationship.

Like in all relationships, we have had our downs, you know…arguments and disagreements, but we decided not to let that interfere in our relationship, the fact is that we don’t like feeling disconnected from each other, so eventually what we agreed on doing was, to each time we feel messed up about each other, to just pray to God for guidance or instructions to deal with the situation that is separating us.

I remember this one time we got into an argument and we both went out separate ways, I stood on the couch and she went into the bedroom to pray to God for help as we just didn’t feel good at all. So I remember I was praying to God trying get guidance on resolving that situation as I wanted to get my woman back, and I swear I heard that voice that speaks in your head telling me just talk to her… and I was like, naw she’s very mad at me and plus I’m the one offended she should come to me.

The thing is that the voice I heard telling me to talk to her was definitely a divine voice from God or a messenger from him because I got up went into the room and open myself up to her and told her “Kristy, we need to talk I can’t be emotional disconnected from you is very stressful, whatever I did or said I’m sorry and then she started talking to me telling that she doesn’t like feeling disconnected from me either and she said she was sorry too, she just didn’t approach because she was giving me time alone. And things were cool. Thank God.

So we had a conversation about the cause of our argument and everything was a misunderstanding and from there on we decided to communicate our emotions and ever since we haven’t had major issues. So God gave me the answer to have a great life with my girl and that is the power of communicating with with her. And before I forget, the other voice that was telling me that she should be the one coming here as I was the man and I was the one offended etc. was my EGO.

Ego is that other voice that tells you that you’re better than everyone, that everything is all about you, that you don’t need anybody’s help because the world should revolve around you etc.. well you get my point. I’ve noticed that most people in life have better success when they put their EGO aside and learn how to give instead of just wanting ti receive.

The thing is, is good to receive, but is better to give than to receive as when you give you receive more. If you give respect you will receive respect, if you give love you will receive love, if you give attention you will receive attention and if by any chance you don’t get any then the person that your focusing on is taker and or simply is not appreciating you or is not simply aware so is up to you to communicate your feeling and thoughts to that person.

I know that having a relationship might be difficult but if people just invited God in their lives, especially in their relationships life can be as simple, fun, peaceful, and lovely as you wanted it to be. Just make sure you choose someone that you’re compatible with as is no point to try to change somebody. You can’t change anybody only that person decides if if they want to change.

The same thing goes with dreams if you have a dream to have a wealthy life or financially independent, you need to accept help. Pray to God, take action, and just see yourself there, communicate your dreams with God, to a friend, or even your partner as that will just attract that reality more. Just put it in God hands as he would know what’s highest and best for you. Don’t limit yourself as there is wealth for everyone and make sure you thank God for what you have now so you can be ready to receive more blessings.

There are endless opportunities in this world and the only way you can enjoy this life if by being surrounded by people that loves you and care about your well being. Have God protect you from negative people that are just wanting you to be as miserable as them.

I will post more of my thoughts and guidance to an exceptional life. God is the main key. God is the same thing as the source or higher self. God is truth and is love and when you have those things in your life, you really see the world from a whole different perspective

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