My Damajagua Trip 2010: My Journey through Dominican Republic part 1

Can you guys find me in the crowd? This image was taken in 2010 in Dominican Republic, where I’m originally from. At the time I worked at a call center, which by the fact was how the journey to Damajagua originated. Damajagua is located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. My supervisor Willy Ramos(front left corner) decided to organize a trip for his team and anybody in the company interested.

So the big day came and I was so excited to have a blast with co-workers and friends. And after a week of just taking calls and stress build up, a trip to go swimming to these natural paradise wasn’t such a bad idea.

By the way, all of this happened before I came to the U.S. again in 2012.

Back in 2004 my dad decided to take my siblings and I to dominican Republic as he was a single dad, had 2 jobs and just simply couldn’t take care of us. Before social services decided to take action, he took all of us to that country. He didn’t want to lose us. We stood there for long 7 years with any hope but to come back to the U.S.

I will share how I went from a struggling little kid to a succesful young man that was able to live a bit better.

To be Continue….




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