My Big Why and Thoughts on Success

My big why and thoughts on success

… Because God doesn’t want anybody to struggle, but in in this world I do believe that people choose to experience those struggles before even arriving to this world as a lesson to learn. It’s free will. The same way you can choose to suffer the same you could stop the suffer. I decided to end those suffering and made a decision to change my life, and boy I will share how.

Because I want to live my life to the fullest with people I love and care about. Because I want the best for my family in my country, for the people I care about, the people in the world. Today i share this cool way of making a change in peoples life and in your life.  God has put this system in my path to share my thoughts with others.

Whether is stupid or not, I happen to like sharing my thoughts as it is through writing that I express myself the best. Don’t get me wrong I could be a talkative person but my deep side I express it through writing.

Continuing with my big why…Because I have a dream to live my life in peace, love, and surrounded by people I care about and that really care about me with God always guiding me. I might’ve mentioned that before.

Because I believe that I’m on a mission to teach and be an example to people out there just lost in a world of worries. My girlfriend always tells me that I’m a teacher, but I really don’t have to teach people like literally, just by living my life I teach others and like me there are many other people out there that just teach others by living their lives in an inspiring way. In the way that touches people’s heart, people that never believed that they can change their lives and make a difference.

That’s my big why because I want inspire others that change could happen in their lives, that there are better choices in life to have, love, wealth in abundance and to show people that there are other people that care about them and care about the well being of others. And that’s what I live by. My purpose in life is to be the best version of myself and inspire others to do the same. And that’s my big why of joining Empower Network and Organo Gold two companies that are there to change people’s life if they decide to.

I want to thank the founder of Organo Gold Bernie Chua for providing people in the world access to valuable products like the amazing coffee infused with 100% Ganoderma Lucidium also known as the “King of Herbs” and for giving the chance to people become financially independent with these valuable products.

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thoughts on success


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So my big why is to live a life with God, with freedom, with no worries about having to pay my bills, with happiness, and at the same time share that with others, you know help others change their lives and that only they have the power to change to a better life with no struggles or suffering. Give yourself a chance to view this video because it could show you your big why that your on this blog. This could be the calling you’re been waiting for. Click image below:







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