Memories of My Trip To Damajagua in Dominican Republic: Can You Find Me In The Crowd? Live Your Dreams…

Memories of My Trip To Damajagua While in Dominican Republic And More. Did You Find Me in The Crowd? Lets live our Dreams!

Memories like the ones above always remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I just remember that day. How fresh was the water and how much fun I had with my friends and co-workers.

At the time we all worked in call center except for the driver. Some of them still do. I had to move to the U.S. where I met my wife. The person on the bottom left was my supervisor Willy Ramos. Great person! People always made fun of his BIG nose, but was a great person.

Moments like those are very precious to me still. And just gives me that motivation to do what I’m doing. And I know that doing this will allow my family and friends kep having moments like I get to experience.

This sense of freedom I feel when I remember those awesome days in my country.

Here is another amazing moment in my life. She’s my soul mate and another BIG part of my life. She loves angels and our lives is very magical.

We always talk about how lucky we are to find each other and that people wait their whole life to find their soulmate. I told her that the reason why is because most people have a hard time being themselves. So they attract what their showing to the world.

If you always try to show the world what you’re not then you will always attract individuals that are not a good match for you. I love my wife, she’s a blessing in my life. I love for who she is and she loves me for who I am. Just be yoursel…Period!

How to Finally Live Your Dreams?

First, it starts by believing in them and believing that you could achieve them. I see alot of people dreaming and wishing, but THEY DON’T take action.

Do you remember how when you’re a kid, you dream of having your own bike? Then all of the sudden you get the bike. How did you manifested it?

Well, let me tell you how:

You focused all your energy on what you wanted and ACTED upon it; then wall uh! You got it. You set a clear intention on what you wanted and took action like running a fund raiser selling lemonade. Maybe you did extra chores that increased your allowance. The thing is that you got what you wanted and did everything possible to get it.

How Come When As We Become Adults We Lock Up That Power; To Live Our Dreams?

Most people stop dreaming due to the self-limiting thoughts that are programmed in their heads. People are programmed that they need stop dreaming and face reality. But let me tell you one thing…You create your reality.

And most succesful people that did not come from rich families, know this.

Everything is in the mindset and when your mind is full of negative beliefs or thoughts that tell you, “you can’t this” or that, “you don’t deserve this”; Then you’re self-limiting your REAL potential.

I’m in a place right now that I’m living my dreams by being able to be around the people I love and care about. I’m in a place that I’m building a future while having a life in the present. Spending time on my computer sharing this to the world.

With a belief system that people can live their dreams not just dream them. Like I heard from Charles Virtue today, who are you to decide what can or can’t you do in your life. When we come to this world we come with the same possibilities as everyone else. But we each come with a different purpose of happiness and fulfillment. We struggle in life to learn and relate so we can help others.

We are all capable of :

  • living our dreams,
  • living in happiness,
  • being in peace, in love,
  • and being balanced.

We have the power within us already and a whole invisible world in our favor.

Most of the time what we mostly focus on prevents us from living our dreams and being in our heart. Worrying and wining about how bad life is.

You need to take control of your life and go after the life you so desire. Start living your dreams.

Change your thoughts and you will change YOUR world.

If you’re in a place that you don’t know where to start living your dreams I invite you to join me in living the dream…why not start here.  <==

If you rather still live in the pain that your own mindset maintains you there, then please do me a favor and share this post because you could change some one else’s life.

Lets be in our hearts and live our dreams

Michael De La Cruz

The Dream Fulfiller

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