5 Golden Rules to Consider When Marketing Your Business Online

[Video] The 5 golden rules you can apply in your business when marketing online

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So again, the 5 golden rules to marketing online are as follows if you’re more of a reader type of person:

Golden Rule #1: Remove the desperation feeling out of your business building process.

– Many of you start by wanting to make a quick buck instantly when marketing your business online.


If they don’t see instant results, they become desperate and either start pitching people to the point that people are running away from them or quit within a few weeks of starting or marketing online.


The fact is that if you’re just starting, there is a process to getting results on the internet. You have to allow the learning and the results getting process work for you. In other words, you must take time aside to take training that you can then implement to get the results you’re after.


The lack of resources (money, mentoring, coaching etc.) can also cause desperation. My tip for you in this case, is that if you’re just starting or you’re planning to start a business, START PART TIME FIRST.

Meaning, because there is a learning curve involved, you don’t want to depend on your business to pay for expenses or earn any lifestyle income quite yet .

Understand that you’re building a business and only when it is profitable to the point that you can pay your business and house expenses you can consider quitting your job and designing your dream lifestyle.


At first you want to have a primary income so you’ll have the resources to market your business right online and not feel pressured or desperate to get signups or make sales.

Golden Rule #2: Have a Game Plan or Plan To Action So You Can Stay Focused.

– As I mentioned in the video above, without a game plan you won’t be able to stay focused or have a sense of direction on where you want to go. See, having a game plan is like having a GPS to get from point A to point B.

Having a game plan to follow will maintain you focused as you now have a road map of what to do daily to get the results you’re after in your business when marketing online.

Golden Rule #3: Identify Your Voice, Niche, and Message.

You often here the saying, “you market to everyone you’re marketing to no one”. This is true. When you market on the internet you must know your targeted audience.

You don’t want to market to people that are into cats a solution that is meant for people that are into traveling, right?

Think in your mind who is the person you’re speaking to, what are their problems, and how can your products or opportunity benefit that person? This is also known as your avatar. 

Another thing to consider is to know where your target market is hanging out at online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Forums ect.). Once you identify this, then you can market in the places they’re hanging out at by talking about the problems they’re having and the solution you have for them.

Golden Rule #4: Commit To Being Consistent, Understand The Online Marketing Process, And The Importance Of Building Relationships.

– When it comes to any type of success, being consistent is key. You often here the saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again”. This saying is true. For example, you hear of people trying to get a good job, bombing their first interview and then reapplying and getting the job their 2nd or third time trying. 

The same applies when marketing your business online. You must commit to being consistent until you get your desired results.

There is a process and you must allow time for the process to work for you. If something isn’t working over a period of time, educate yourself on whats working now, and come with a different approach.


Most people take this for granted, but you’ll get even better results online when you choose to build relationships with the people you interact with on the internet.


The way you do this is by providing value in your market place. Meaning, give people tips or solutions to problems they are experiencing in their own business or lives.


Golden Rule #5: Promote Benefits Not The Business

This is the last golden rule when marketing online and it has to do with leading with value vs with your business.

If one thing I can relate with most people, is that it sucks when you find yourself chasing people to take a look at your business.


Or people avoiding you simply because they see you as someone that it’s only there to pitch a business and not truly be there for their friendship or understanding their needs.


When you promote benefits, people will be more attracted to you and your business. Why? Well because you’re educating them first on the benefits that they can enjoy from you and your business.

So there you have it! Apply these 5 rules to your marketing efforts online and you won’t go wrong. If you got value from this post it would highly help if you left me your comments and shared it on Facebook and Twitter. It sounds like a small thing, but it would help me big time. Thanks!

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