Make these Choices and Be Prepared to know how to be Successful in Life! The Answers Lies Within You

How to Be Successful! It starts with your decision

Hi Michael De La Cruz here and not that long ago I lost my recent job at Xerox due to lateness. I have no hard feelings or anything as deep in me I knew I didn’t belong there as I was no longer motivated. I believe that my work with them was over and even though I knew people that would show up late for work for years and they never got fired, I just simply said my job to help others was done with them


Source has showed me how to go with the flow of things and that everything happens for a reason. I have decided to have success in life. The truth is that it all starts with a vision and then the next step is believing that you  will make that vision your reality. My vision is to be my own boss and have an online business where the system that I use runs on auto-pilot meaning that while I’m on vacation, or simply spending time with my loved ones, people are searching and visiting my sight with the only intent to benefit for what I have to offer from coffee products to the same system I use to apply to their business.

I have had my struggles in life but never have given up my dreams, my wheel, my passion to help others free themselves from struggles. Because I keep saying that is not about the money is about feeling the freedom mentally, physically, and spiritually. I know what is being in a job feeling like my contribution doesn’t matter. I was discharged for lateness but I’m happy because the job was succking up my energy which was leaving me with no energy to give to my wife and frineds.

I love the freedom this system brings me. But you know what, I love more the part that I can help others break free too and it doesn’t matter if they have a business or no business. I went from 0 to hero in my mind first and then engaged on making it my reality. Source have showed me that whatever your reality is, it’s part of what you have created in your mind. I came from a struggling country and because my dad had vision to come to america many years ago with the help of Source, he came, but he had to see himself in the U.S first before taking action in accomplishing his dream to come here.

I’m doing the same. Having a life with freeedom means not worrying about paying bills, having time to spend with my family and people I care about. My wife and I also want to have more time to dedicate to our spiritual path. So if you’re reading this and you have a vision and you want to stick to it, use the law of attraction, and use a wheel that will take you there. I belive in you, Source doesn’t want anybody to be sad. Be the best version of yourself. You must believe in yourself and be surrounded by people that will be you all the step of the way teaching if you need the skills.

If you’re reading this and found valuable information or inspiration please leave your feedback below. Let me thank you by providing you this number one secret most people don’t know about blogging. Click on any of the banners on the right side or top. I believe it could be helpful because it’s the same techniques I use, to have a business while having a life. Just be the best version of yourself and focus on helping others and money or whatever results you’re looking for will follow.

Michael De La Cruz

Your Online Friend and Mentor

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