The 6 Human Needs To Living an Extraordinary Life

In this video I want share with you the 6 human needs to live an extraordinary life.

Why? You might be asking.

Well I was listening to Tony Robbins on an audio a friend of mine lend to me. He talked about  the six human needs…


I soon had a breakthrough that made me realized the 6 behavioral needs  that explains why we do what we do.  This is world wide.




Check this out…

[Video] The 6 Human Needs To Achieve an Extraordinary Life

One Vehicle I’m Using And That You Can Use To Meet These Needs And Live An Extraordinary Life…

I wrote them down here for you too…


The 6 Basic Human Needs to Live An Extraordinary Life

1) Certainty Meeting this need gives you assurance that you can avoid pain and gain pleasure. For example I have the pleasure of working from home or anywhere in the planet and helping people with their hair needs beside my wife.

In other words I have the pleasure being own boss and enjoying life next to a loved one. I don’t have to go through the pain of being in a job I hate, I decide my own hours, I’m rewarded for my ideas or creation, and I get to share that with my sweetheart. Giving you an example here.

2) Uncertainty – Meeting this need gives you variety and this need is complimentary to certainty. You do need a little variety in your life. Getting bored in life, has to do with doing the same thing everyday. You need variety! 

Warning! There are 2 vehicles to achieving variety, one is a healthy vehicle and the other is a damaging vehicle. 

1) A healthy vehicle would be you traveling the world, taking dancing lessons, etc. Good variety right?

2) A damaging vehicle would be doing actions that harm yourself and others or starts a bad argument. This could be in personal relationships or friends.  Or you might abuse your body with excess of substances to enjoy the feeling and create variety. Again these are just examples to help you understand better.

Ok lets continue…

3) Significance Meeting this need gives you the feeling of being important, being unique, or even being needed by someone.

This totally makes sense. Don’t people seek college degrees, make more money, or become a sport athlete to feel important? Of course, this gives them purpose and the ability to provide for their family etc.

4) Connection /Love Meeting this need gives you a VERY STRONG connection or closeness with someone or something. You know that feeling that you’re part of something.

That something could be God / higher source, maybe your spouse, your whole family, a movement etc.

5) Growth Meeting this need gives you more expanded capacity.  It makes you more capable of accomplishing anything you want to achieve in life. It also provides more understanding.  We all need to grow at some point of our lives. When you invest in your growth you’re also helping everyone and everything around you grow.

6) Contribution This right here is my favorite. Meeting this need gives you that sense of service and focus on helping, giving to, and supporting others. Feed hungry kids, helping others achieve wealth, finding solutions to problems, donating / giving to charity etc. You get what I mean 🙂

Did you know that you can meet the first 4 and achieve success but without the last 2 you can’t achieve FULFILLMENT. Is the same reason why many rich people aren’t happy in their lives. Some of them even commit suicide. They feel stuck in their lives (NO SENSE OF GROWTH) or not helping others succeed etc.

If you would like to know the vehicle I’m using to design my desired lifestyle, meet the 6 human needs and that can help you achieve an extraordinary life…

I hope this breakthrough made sense and that it changed your life as it did for me. If you honestly found value from this, leave me your thoughts below and share this with others.

To your extraordinary life,

Michael De La Cruz

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  1. Powerful concept Michael. I love Tony Robbins. I really loved Zig Ziglar. Got to see him once a long time ago. Thanks for sharing your insights into what you read the other day…

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