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If you’re someone that is tired of living a stressful life and would like to finally claim your financial independence, then you have stumbled upon the right website. In this post you will learn:


– The 3 things you need  to make a significant amount of money online.

– About getting access to your free video that has everything all setup to start earning online


It was in 2013 that I implemented this strategy after being burnt out in a job that didn’t benefit my desired lifestyle.

I knew there was I better way to live and be next to my loved ones.

photo of michael de la cruz and wife


I knew there was a way to unplug from the MATRIX  and live a life where I can finally achieve freedom  for me and the people around me.

A life with no  worries of bills, no worries of not being there for my  wife and rest of my family, and a life that would  allow me to help others break free from their  struggles.


Today I’m proud to say that I work from home and  also work with my wife in the hair industry. I’m  helping thousands of people including Hispanics  from all over the world have a better lifestyle.

Wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t because of what I’m going to teach you here, which is to learn to make money online.


Finally learn to Make Money Online With These 3 Things and Steps Easy


In order to make money online you need 3 things:


1- You Need a Vehicle

You need something that will get you where you want to go. In your case, you need a vehicle that you can plug into and that will help you reach your desired income goals online.

For example… let’s say you want to go on a road trip to Disney World. You know where you want to go, but you also know that you need a vehicle to get to that destination.

Now, your vehicle alone can’t get there on its own, which next step will add 2nd component.



2-  You Need a System “The Engine”

As I mentioned in the previous step, your vehicle will not run on its own and you will burn out quickly trying to push the vehicle yourself.

Can you imagine pushing your vehicle from Alaska all the way to Orlando? That would be insane!! So you need an engine to help your vehicle help you get to your destination. Make sense right?  


Just like in a car, an engine is composed of different parts to make it function properly, is the same thing with making money online. Your capture pages, a compelling offer, and an autoresponder software to make the whole thing work for you and help you start making money. Pushing you forward to getting to your desired destination or goal.


3- You Need Traffic “Fuel”

This is the semi-last component. As you may noticed, I love using a car as an example, because it’s the same thing as to making money online. So in a car you need fuel or it doesn’t run. this can be applied to any business or to anything you’re trying to grow in life. Most plants can’t grow without water; Water being  the fuel. 


A car would not run without fuel, there fore you can’t get to your desired destination. In making money online, the same thing goes. You need fuel!  


In the online world that fuel is eyeballs or what I mentioned.. “TRAFFIC” or PEOPLE LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER ALREADY. It can’t be traffic of people looking for shoes if’you’re offering weight-loss products as an example.


Most cars run gasoline; right? You’re not going to put deisel or vinegar and expect it to run properly or run at all.

The reason me and thousands of other people make money online is because we put our offer in front of people already searching for what we’re offering. Just like gasoline is already processed to be compatible with cars.


I’m so thankful I learned this a couple years ago and  I’m able to implement and share this with you . Doing so has given me purpose and has empowered me to claim my financial independence in a way that I can enjoy time with my wife, friends, do the things I want to do, and help others achieve both time and financial freedom.

The Missing Component To Make Money Online

The missing component is YOU. “The driver”. The three components above are useless if you don’t know how to drive it. No worries you have access to the perfect vehicle RIGHT NOW!

What if I don’t have a vehicle to make money online?

If you would like to learn how I make money online and how you can too! No joke… My goal here is to help you profit online, so feel free to steal my vehicle below:

learn to make money online


Hope I helped you learn to make money online. If you found value in this post, leave me your comments below. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions.


To YOU profiting online,

Michael De La Cruz

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