If you just believe, you can make big things happen in your life

I call this song the we believe song

Michael Jordan- space jam i believe i can fly

I want to share this video to people out there that forgot to believe in themselves, that don’t even know that they have the power to change their lives and make big things happen. I have noticed in life that just when the big miracle, or big success is going to happen people quit and stops believing.

Guys just because things aren’t going right in your business or in your life doesn’t mean that you have to stop  believing in yourself. Just know that you will make it, you will be successful in life no matter what, no matter how, you will not fail. Just by believing and taking action will make you get where you want to go.

When we were kids we failed at so many things, crawling, walking, riding a bike, but since we tried and tried and believed that we would walk, ride a bike, or even drive a car, we are now successful people. I guess we forget most of the time how many failures we had when being kids and no matter how many times we fell we still got up until we walked, and now we can even run.

I remember how I lost the chance to be a professional baseball player. That was my dream, to be a fantastic pitcher, but unfortunately my arm got injured and I couldn’t pitch as fast anymore and that was the end of my baseball dream.

But did I stopped there, no I didn’t you want to know why?… Be I found my purpose, I believe I can do great things in life, help others succeed, lift my family from the struggles they’re living now. And now here I am  joining 2 businesses Organo Gold Healthy coffee and Empower Network, the only company that pays 100% commissions.

So it might not be through baseball that I’m becoming free, but through my belief that anything is possible when you believe that you in yourself.

Once you believe in your dreams and see failure as a learning experience to improve yourself, there is no doubt that you will reach them.

Don’t believe in others that just want to see you fail, believe in yourself and know that you will not be a failure in life, just because others are telling you. And that my friend is empowerment. Join the Empower Network now and be prepared to be surrounded by people that just want to see you succeed is not just a company is a movement for personal freedom. Just think of the people you love and want spend time with them. Watch this video of a deaf man that believed he could fly. Is time for you to believe that you can change your life by deciding, by taking action. All you have to do is join. I joined just for 25 dollars and I’m turning that into 5,000 a month and money keeps coming.



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