How To Track Your Leads And Sales In Your Business Online

Are you tracking your leads and sales in your business? If not, here’s how to do it online.


See, when I started my business online and started getting leads and sales/signups, I had no idea where they were coming from. The only thing I learned to do at the time was how to share my promotional link all over the internet.


Not too long after starting, I understood the importance of tracking my leads and sales/signups.


Why? you might ask. Well if you were investing time and money into building your income online, wouldn’t you like to know what places on the internet were giving you the best results?


Once you know this, then you can know where to spend the most time on or where to invest your money on to get best ROI (Return On Investment).


I made a special video to show you one of the resources I use to track all my sales online so you can start the right way and truly maximize your time and increase your residual income in your business.


Se here is how to track your leads and sales online

Check this video out:


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