How To Make Money Online While You Sleep? How I Woke Up and Signed up a Member While Sleeping

How To Make Money Online While You Sleep?


I just have to share this with you, not to brag

but to show you what this system

is capable of doing for people looking

for a change.


Today I woke up and went to my office which can

be any part of the world with my lap-top. lol


While spending quality time with my wife having breakfast 

I checked my email and received a notification

that a new member has signed up. 


I want to show you how I did it.

Check out the screen shots:



how to make money online

Imagine earning money while you sleep.

You think is not possible for you? well it is.

You may be wondering how I did what you see


And how I’m able to do it over and over again using
the internet.

Well I will show you.

You see the great thing about the Empower Network
products is that it shows you how to market anything
on the internet.

Another cool thing is that with Empower Network you
don’t need any experience or know how to sell anything
because the system does 90% percent of the work.

The other ten percent comes from you which I will
show you what it is below.

I’ve bee receiving notifications like that ever since I
became an affiliate.

When I started I simply bought a product to promote
a coffee network marketing business.

But then I saw others making way more money marketing
Empower Network’s products, how?…..By keeping 100% of
the commissions.

Empower Network lets you keep all the money.

Example if you make a $25.00 sale you keep $25.00,

If you make a $100 sale you keep all of it.

The same goes for $500, S1000, and $3000 sales.

My first sale happened 2 weeks after becoming an affiliate,
about a year ago, without picking up a phone, without meetings,
without chasing family and friends and without 3-way calls.

Ok let me show how YOU can also get notifications
like the ones above and make money being paid daily.

I simply send traffic, eyeballs, peeps, visitors, or however
you want to call them to this video and that’s it.

You see our products have value and people need the information
and tools in those products. Whether for their business, to earn
money online, to save money, to replace their income…
You name it. Our training and tools are that powerful.

By following the traffic and lead generation strategies taught in
the products and using the tools I’m able to make commissions
shown above and higher than that.

I know it sounds simple to be true, but that’s it.

1. I simply have people watch this free training video <==

2. a percentage of those visitors (Leads) buy

3. And you get to keep all the commissions and receive notifications like thones above while you sleep or on vacation.

That’s how I make money online all day daily and so can you.

Doesn’t it look like anybody can do it? Well yes.

You can do this 3 simple steps.

If a 12 year old that manages his dad’s Empower Network 
account was able to generate $12,000 in 4 mnths
Why can’t you start living your goals too.

You can see the video of the 12 year-old here, when he
was called on stage.

What’s stopping you now?

You see 2 years ago I was desperate in search
of the right training and tools to live life with
on my terms.

I ended up investing a lot of money in books
and in my primary company I would only earn
commissions that wouldn’t even be
enough for my auto-ship.

To make it short let say my struggles ended
when I found the Empower Network products and

After applying what I learned from the training, and seeing
the results I got from them, I then decided to market
the products to people that were on my spot or
worse in their lives.

I know that you might be in a spot that you
don’t want to be disappointed on joining a
program that might not work for you.

I was in that point about 14 months ago, but I gave
this system a chance and believed in what I can
achieve with it. 2 weeks after following the 3
simple steps I got my first sale and never spoke to the

I decided to call, greet, and congratulate the person, for
making a decision to end their struggles and make a change
in their life.

I also guided the person to the path I
took to make the sale I generate it and how to do it
over and over.

Finally I showed the person a game plan to
follow to achieve the goals wanted.

No one ever did that for me, but I do it, because I
don’t want anyone to ever go through struggles in life.

If you haven’t made a decision to end your struggles
now is your chance,  because as soon as you make
a decision and decide to join us in freedom, I will personally
call you in within 24-48 hrs and start your game plan asap.

I only wish I was introduced to this program many years ago.
But it’s all good because now I can help you not go through
the same mistakes and not get introduced to the wrong
information or techniques that no longer works.

Of course if you allow me to help and guide you towards the
right path. If not it’s ok, because there are others that need
my help are open for help.

Most of them are already part of this movement for freedom
and are getting results.

All of them including myself watched this video <==
and ended their struggles after joining here.

You see, the more you procrastinate, the more you miss
on information that can be the information and opportunity
you’re looking for. I struggled years ago for not having
a mentor guiding me and for trying to do things on my own.

The day I decided to make a change and end the struggles
was the day i decided to be surrounded by the right mentors
and people that were and still are there to help me achieve
my goals.

The great thing is that now I’m able to pass that to others
and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

If you have read this far is because you’re ready to make
an impact in your life.

And it all starts here. <==

If you already saw that video then I invite you to join us in freedom.

Because I will show you the way to go towards hitting your goals and living a life where you can spend more time with your loved ones, replace your income, expand any other business you might have, and simply live your dreams.

End your struggles now and join us here <===







Michael De La Cruz


Ph: (907) 744-5084


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how to make money online

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