How to Improve Google Ranking? Blogging 101

How to Improve Google Ranking?

how to improve google ranking


Hello Michael De La Cruz here with a special on how to improve google ranking.

I started this online deal back in 2012. at the time I was doing conventional network marketing. You know, the home meetings, the pitching strangers, chasing relatives etc.

Well I guess if you are or were in network marketing you might relate. If never been in network marketing you may disregard this. It was in 2013 that I found Empower Network which allowed to totally take my business online.

Why online? Well I was sick and tired of pitching people, I was tired of rejections, I was tired of being stuck all the time to my business. You see, to me it was hard to find people that join my business offline. I had no problem selling the products, but  didn’t want to be stuck selling my whole life. That wasn’t the problem though…

My problem was that all my profits from the sales generated wasn’t enough to pay for the shipping of products reordered or autoship.

So here I came online in 2013 where I found a way to make money and expand my business through blogging. I had no idea how to blog, but I knew that I needed to learn to get content on first page of google.


Why first page?… Well I knew that if I can rank blog posts on first page of google I can get alot of visitors, generate leads, sales, and even sponsor people into my business.


So Going Back to How To Improve Google Ranking…

As I mentioned, my expertise on ranking on google started when I found Empower Network. And these strategies I’m abouts to share with you was learned from its 15k formula training which is THE recipe book of internet marketing.


So here is how to improve google ranking:

  1. The first thing you need is a blog if you don’t have one. You see Google love blogs. The reason why is because content can be updated consistently on blogs and search engines love that.

  2. Know your keyword. You need to do keyword research to see what people are searching for. I recommend you use google keyword planner. which tells you how many times people search for a keyword. Maybe you could use a name of a product you might be selling as your keyword or you can use a keyword such as “start a home business”. It depends what you’re trying to rank.

  3. Format Your Keyword. Once you know what keyword you want your post to rank for on google, you need to add an H1, H2, and H3 tags with your keyword. An example of a H1 format would be the tithe within this page that says “How To Improve Google ranking?” An example of a H2 format would be the second BIG title. Notice that the keyword I’m using is how to improve google ranking.

  4. Use your keword in the title area. The title area is what visitors will see when searching with your chosen keywords.


So adding H1 H2, and H3 tags with your keyword will optimize your post making easier for Google and other search engines to rank it high.

Another way of looking at it is adding your keyword in the first sentence, and in the last sentence. Just like you see in this post.

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To your success,

Michae De La Cruz

So there you got how to improve your google ranking! Hope you enjoyed it.

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