How To Get Your Business Going Online The Right Way

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How To Get Your Business Going Online


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See, in order to get your business going online, you need to do three things:

  1. Get highly-targeted-quality traffic
  2. Get leads
  3. Get sales


That’s it… Most of the time we make things so complicated, but that’s ok, we just don’t any better. When it’s really not ok, is when you know what to do, but just don’t do it.


I’ve been there too trust me, but I overcame that bad habit and decided to step into my power and do something about it.

You can do the same too. It’s time you get your business online and start designing your dream lifestyle.

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 So here is how to get your business online, THE RIGHT WAY


FIRST, you’ll need to be around the right people and implement what they tell you to do. By that I mean being around people that know their shit and are getting results that you see yourself achieving. This part is also critical for your mindset.


See, the minute I started getting results such as getting leads and sales on autopilot, was the minute I surrounded myself with and listened to people that were getting such results.


SECOND, you’ll need the right tools and training. If you don’t have the right tools and training in place, how can you get your business off the ground the proper way? See, in order to market anything online, you’ll need something that we call a ‘sales funnel’.


A sales funnel is composed of:

  1.  a capture page – (email provided)
  2.  an offer/sales video/opportunity presentation
  3.  an order form


Somewhere between 1 and 2 is an autoresponder which is an essential tool for following up with your leads about your opportunity or provide them a different offer. Note that leads that you follow up with are people that gave you permission to follow up with them. Makes sense right? If for any reason you’re following up with people that never you permission to contact them, this is considered SPAM. Not a good way to market.


Third, you’ll need traffic. I’m not talking about city traffic. lol, but about web traffic. Not just any traffic, but targeted traffic. What I mean by that is getting your offer in front of people already searching for it. Why would I want to chase strangers, family, and friends to tell them about my opportunity, when I can get people already searching, to see my opportunity.


There are 2 ways to get targeted traffic to your business:


1) Free strategies (blogging, social media, forums, etc…) This method requires consistency and it’s more for long term traffic


2) Paid traffic strategies (solo ads, Bing pay-per-clicks (PPC), Facebook ads etc.) This method is great for faster results, for duplication (team members can implement fast), and it’s scalable.


Seems like a lot of steps right? Well, although it seems like a lot of steps, you only want to focus on one strategy from each of the ways;  One free strategy and one paid strategy and stick to that. For example, blogging and solo ads. Only once you have mastered a strategy, you may implement another.


I say this because I used to be scattered when I started and it was hard for me to stay focused and clear in my marketing. Information overload and implementing too many things at once IS NOT beneficial for your business or yourself.


So in summary, this is how simple you can get your business online. It all boils to getting targeted traffic, getting leads from that traffic, and then getting sales/signups. That’s the formula!! And I’m glad I that I’m able to share it with you.


I’m passionate about helping others and sharing his information with you is one of the many ways I can say that I appreciate you and that I truly want to help you succeed no matter where you are in the world.



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Can you imagine yourself being able to make a full-time income online and being able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection?

Can you imagine having a business while having a life? Because this and more is what’s happening to a lot of people and it can also happen to you

What do you think? Leave me your thoughts below if you found value share this with other people

To your prosperity,

Michael De La Cruz

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