How To Get More Leads Online and Grow Any Buisiness

Want to learn how to get more leads online? Well look no more because I will lay down the 2 ways you can get more leads online and grow any business online.


First of all, you know that in order to grow your business, you need leads.


The thing is that a lot of people don’t know how to generate leads online.


When I started m business online I struggled as I wasn’t generating leads therefore, not generating sales. I felt hopeless and blamed the system for it.


I simply didn’t realize that it was my mindset about accomplishing my desired results that was getting in the way of me progressing.


Once I got exposed to the right training and tools, getting leads and sales on autopilot is easier. Now it’s time it got easier for you too.


How To Get More Leads Online

In this article I will talk about the simple and the advanced way of getting leads online.

In the online world you need to understand the 3 Cs of marketing:

  • Create
  • Capture
  • Convert

By create, I mean you must create content to attract your targeted lead to your business or product.

In general, to capture leads you need a lead capture page, also known as, “landing page”, “squeeze page”, or “opt-in page. Then once you capture the leads you would need follow-up messages to remind your leads about purchasing your products or joining your opportunity. You know a lot of people are too busy now adays, so you want to make sure you capture their info to follow up with them. The two ways to do this are as follows:


1- Simple and Easy Way To get More Leads Online

The simple and easiest way is to get done-for-you landing pages and followup-messages. Now you may be thinking… how can I get that?

When I started searching for a way to make income from home online, I was introduced to internet marketing, before I ever knew about building a business online or that it was possible to make any income online. 


When you’re just staring out you want to find a company or program that already offers done for you options such as:


Done for you products, marketing system to generate leads, training that trained and my team members, 6 figure coaches that guided me through the process of generating leads and sales, and a highly supportive community that cared about my success


There are several business programs that offer similar options, but out of them, this internet marketing online business has been one of my top resources where I have learned everything about online marketing, being a top producer, and generating leads and sales on autopilot.

legendary marketer


2) The Advanced Way on How to Get More Leads Online


Did you know that 89.4% of people who have lead capture pages, are trying to get leads, and build a business online, aren’t getting any results?


The advanced method goes for people who want to build their own  lead capture page. 

In order to understand how lead capture pages work or what makes a person decide to opt-in, you must understand the 3 types of traffic or (eyeballs):

  1. Cold traffic: cold traffic are any traffic coming from facebook ads, solo ads, banner ads, or people coming to your opt in page with no referrals. It’s call cold traffic because the visitors coming through your page doesn’t know you
  2. Warm traffic: This could be a source of traffic that was referred to you. Meaning, the visitors coming through your opt-in page has knowledge of who you are.
  3. Hot traffic: This is traffic of someone that has bought from you already or have previously interacted with you.

If you would like to learn how to create your own landing pages to capture leads or better yet have a complete done for you system ready to generate leads and convert leads to sales, click here, access your free video, and get started today!

Thanks for Visiting and Taking your Time to Learn How To Get More Leads Online


in prosperity,

Michael De La Cruz

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