How To Find Happiness….

How to find happiness

People always ask how can they find happiness, peace, love, within themselves. My answer to that is, you can’t do it alone. You gotta find God first or else you will find emptiness.


There is something within everybody that makes them feel alive, joyful, peaceful, motivated, and in the heart. For many years I thought that drinking, making a lot of money, getting good cars, having the best shoes, comparing my life to others, etc, was the key to happiness.


Well I was wrong and that’s ok because most of us grow up with that idea because of things we see.


Don’t get me wrong having luxury isn’t bad, but it is NOT what makes us happy. If that was the case you wouldn’t see rich people committing suicide and feeling miserable. Also you wouldn’t seen poor people happy.


I’m from Dominican Republic and trust when I lived there I saw people living under carton houses the happiest people in the planet. Even happier than many rich people. Why? well because they have a sense of freedom within themselves and also they have a source within themselves that tells them that everything will be provided for. They don’t think of problems or they don’t think about what they are lacking of. They simply are happy with what they have. POSITIVE MIDSET!!!



When we look at the media seeing all this millionaires falling apart, and going through rough times, it gives you an idea that having a lot of things is really nothing when you don’t feel happiness within yourself, you still will feel empty and unhappy.



It’s crazy that at my young age I have found out that happiness comes from within us, but what connects us to that inner happiness is God. A lot of people look for external stuff to find happiness and even if they get it from that external stuff, is temporary and you find yourself worshiping things as a way to be happy.


Then you soon become a slave of that thing.


You see once you find happiness within you first then you will attract people that are or wants to be happy. I know that a lot happens in this world that keeps us trap, but that there is a source out there that knows that and if you connect with that source which is God, you will find happiness in abundance.



I don’t have much to say maybe the things I’m saying don’t make sense, but I tell you this. Once I found God I became more happy, money hasn’t been an issue, I found a great partner, and I found a way to stay in happiness. You see there are sometimes that I’l have a bad day, but by thinking positive and analyzing why that negative spark is happening, I’m able to find the positive behind every bad situation.


And trust me…it’s there.


A lot of people always wonder why bad stuff happens to them and that reason is because they only think of bad stuff. Have you noticed that when something bad happens? Is either you fearing that something or you thinking a lot of that bad experience that you don’t want it to happen.



You see most of the bad stuff or the bad feelings that happens are because that’s all we think about. If instead you fill up yourself with positive thoughts and positive people around you, your reality becomes a positive and happy one.



The problem is that we can’t deal with the problems of the world alone. Once I found God, higher source, or whatever you call that source above us, the problems comes up, but for the better.



And I discovered that when a problem comes along a solution for it opens. So God opens all this opportunities that you never expect. Why? because you have an inner trust that a solution will come.



But going back to how to find happiness. It’s within you because God is within you, but you forget and start to look for happiness outside of you which at the end gives you that feeling of emptiness and lost in your life.



I invite you to share this post or leave a comment below of what you think about happiness. Go within yourself and let me know what makes you happy.


Through God I discovered that what makes me happy is making others happy. How do I make others happy? By me being happy and giving value to people. I love to empower people. And that’s why became part of a company that empowers people into tapping into their own happiness.


My wife and I feel blessed in life not because we’re better than anyone, but because we found God in our lives that have shown us the way to be happy within ourselves and share it with others.


Most people issues of not being happy is because they have no money to pay for their bills, or other stuff. If that’s your case, please accept this free video that will show you how to make money online.


Once you find happinness within you, great stuff happens in your life and finding my Krist my wife was one of them and finding my dreamed career was the other where I’m working behind the scenes towards helping others find happiness within themselves:

I thank God for all of this and all for all tht will come.


God bless you in happiness.


From the heart,


Michael De La Cruz


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