7 Essential Steps To Become an Authority and a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur and an authority in your market and business Online, consists of following these 7 Steps

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Before getting to the steps I truly hope you’re having a great  day. I’m here with my wife enjoying the sunshine in Alaska.

Finally we’re having great sunshine days. Today we’re enjoying this weather and I’m getting ready to give value in every way I can.

I just wanted to share with you some great steps to follow if you  want to be an authority in your field or business online.


I usually only share this with my team members, but today I felt inspired to share this on my personal blog. Note that this information is for people that are serious entrepreneurs and that will apply it. I believe in duplication, strong team work, leadership, and in giving my team the best training that I can provide.

Whether you use this information or not,  it will not affect, me, my results, or lifestyle. I have this in my brain and can use it any time I please to get great results online.


Because all I care about is your success and helping you out.


I know how to implement internet marketing already, so it’s really a pleasure to help you achieve your goals online.


The beauty of this business is that it only takes 1-2 hours from your time and sometimes only a few minutes when you learn and reach a certain level of routine. Below is a presentation that explains how it works.


While educating myself with internet marketing products, and following guidance from successful online mentors, such as Peter Day, David Wood, and other leaders in the industry a couple years ago, I learned and applied these seven steps on how to become an authority that you can follow too. 

Becoming an authority on a topic is a process. It takes time to become known as an authority within your field.


There are many ways an individual becomes an authority within their field.

The key is to not focus on just one of them.


A true authority can master all 7 of the steps listed below.


While you can experience success as a blogger or internet marketer without mastering all seven… you may fall short of authority status.


#1 – Drop the Agenda

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Obviously, we all have an agenda. We are all trying to sell something in order to make money online and even offline.

However, if all of your content is simply sales copy, you are not providing valuable content and you are not giving readers an opportunity to connect with you as a person.

# 2 – Share Your Failures

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People like Steve Jobs are looked to as inspirational; not just because he was a successful genius, but because he failed and fought his way back from failure to make Apple what it is today.



Martin Luther King Jr. failed several times too before accomplishing ones of the most historical accomplishments in the history of this planet.


People love underdogs. That is why every talent-based reality show pumps up the participant’s back stories.


➡  What is your back story? How many times did you fail before achieving the success you enjoy today?

Remember the fact that you already made a decision to succeed, makes you a successful person already.


These are stories you should share with your readers. Just like I shared “My 7 years in Dominican Republic Experience” You’re welcome to read it. It was a very interesting stage in my life, which I don’t regret a bit, as it helped me become the person I am today.

# 3 – Establish a reputation for outstanding content

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Giving away free quality content through your website or email list is a great way to show people you honestly want them to succeed. If everything you offer has a price tag attached, people are going to get the feeling you are only really interested in your own success.


Provide blogs, ebooks, videos, how-tos, interviews, testimonials and more. Offer your readers everything you reasonably can. I do this all the time. I create valuable content on my blog almost daily. Then I share this  valuable content  with my personal list that  I build using the internet and my Kalatu blog (Shown below). In this blog that you’re on, I get visitors daily that  search for the content I add to it.



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#4 – Be Confident

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I learned and experienced that CONFIDENCE is VERY important. People love confidence.

If you act like you are unsure of yourself, your success, or your advice, people are not going to be drawn to following you or your advice.

You need to be assertive and confident.

When people are finished reading your blog or watching your video, you want their response to be “Hell Yeah!! I’m with you!” This doesn’t only apply online, but offline too. Something I discovered when attending barber school and other life experiences.

The way you build up confident is by learning something new, applying it , and sharing it with somebody that will benefit from it. In this case would be your list, your potential prospects, or team members.


#5 – Charge a Premium Price

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Giving away things for free is an important part of the business.

Giving things away at a price “everyone can afford” is also a part of the business, but you need to have a premium option.

 That’s why a lot of companies give free samples or free give away, but then they offer them the chance to benefit from a premium offer of a product or service that would solve

their issues effectively.


People, who can afford it, want it… they don’t want the same free information that anyone can get. They want the super special insider information that is worth the price they are willing to pay for it.


Offer your readers a premium product and charge a premium price for it. There is truth in the statement, “you get what you pay”



#6 – Create Scarcity

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You’ll notice when marketers do a webinar, there is limited space, and they only provide a replay of the webinar for a limited time.  That is because the information being provided is valuable and it’s made even more valuable by limiting access to it.

The famous McDonalds fast-fast food does the same thing. When ever they experience a shortage in sales, they throw out the famous McRibs menu with an announcement that it’s availability is limited.

This causes sales to go through the roof. You can learn more about this on my good friend and mentor Peter Day’s blog post: MLM Launch – Sales Tips

 Tip: If you offer a special price on your ebook or online course, make the special price for a limited time only.


#7 – Don’t be Too Easy

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Don’t be available ALL the time. YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT, and if you make yourself constantly available, you are devaluing your time.

You didn’t become a home business entrepreneur, so you could be dictated by other people’s schedules.

Create a schedule that works for you and maintain it.

 The reason that I have a business online is because of the time freedom. I don’t have to be attached to my business, which gives me the time to spend with my loved ones and do other things.

You see… content that you post on the internet through a blog or website, stays on the internet forever. Meaning that your blog and website are selling 24/7 on your behalf, whether you’re on vacation, working on your day job, sleeping or simply spending that quality time with your spouse and rest of the family.


The system is designed to do 90% of the work, while you do 10%, which is to create valuable content and driving traffic or “people eyeballs” to it. This will 2 of the following. Generate leads/subscribers and sales. 



As you can see, these 7 steps are easy to follow. That doesn’t  make them any less important though.


If you want to be an authority voice in your market for realz, you need to follow these 7 steps closely.


When you do, you’ll find prospects and leads hunting you down and knocking your door to get what you have to offer.


If you liked this post please leave your comments below, and feel free to share it. Cheers to YOUR continued Success as well.

I believe in you and that you can achieve whatever goals you want in life, just learn more and apply em.

I don’t believe that knowledge is power. but that applied knowledge is.


If you’re ready to become an authority online with no previous experience whatsoever, watch the below presentation and take action. I will send it to you by email:


There are 3 key elements that you need to know in order to master all of the 7 steps. It will be shared in the presentation.


To YOUR success,


Michael De La Cruz

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  1. These steps are vital entrepreneurship!! I was going to pick a few that resounded more than others but they are ALL vital!!! Thank you for the post! Is there one that you are strongest in? or a weakest?

    1. Hey Joan, I’m usually the weakest at providing a premium price. I give way to much value for free and at times forget to offer a premium pricing for the value I provide. Working on it though! Thanks for your feedback

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