How life struggles prepared me to be successful in life (A true story) Part I

How life struggles prepared me to be successful in life (Part I)-(By: Michael De La Cruz a.k.a livehealthy) –Hi again everyone, on a previous blog I stated that I  A Picture of me in Dominican Republicwill tell more about my experience while I was in the Dominican Republic. Well, as I stated previously, my dad took my brother, my sister and me to the Dominican Republic. I was 15 years of age living in Anchorage, Alaska. I remember that one day my dad told us that he will take us to the Dominican Republic where we were going to live a better life than in Alaska. At the time we were living with my step mom, my half sister Katherine, which was my sister through my dad only, and my step brother Juan, whom my step mom had with another man in Miami, Fl.

Continuing; I asked my dad, “but what about school, aren’t we going to finish school? My dad looked at me and explained to me how great schools were in Dominican Republic and how they even had American schools over there for me to continue my high school studies. He also mentioned that he was having relationship issues with my step mom, which it was true, I mean they were constantly fighting and arguing all the time. My brothers and sisters were very sad sense we were going to be separated. My brother Jeffrey, my sister Samantha and I were going to Dominican Republic sense we were under my dad’s custody. Ketherine and Juan were going to stay with their mom.

At the moment I was attending “West Anchorage High School“. I told my dad well, sense we’re going to be studying and we will live a good life there as he described it, I guess is ok to go plus I always wanted to play baseball, so why not practice in a place where baseball is the national sport and is warm which is also good for practicing. We were all excited about going to the Dominican Republic, well you know kids and traveling. The following day I went to school and told all my friends and teachers about me moving to Dominican Republic. My friends were happy but sad at the same time sense we had fun times together. My teachers didn’t find the idea of leaving without finishing school very bad, and a few months ago I wished they would have convinced my dad of not to take us to Dominican Republic without graduating or just finishing that year(10th grade).

It was like mid October of 2004 when my dad made the decision of taking us to Dominican Republic. When I say us I mean my brother Jeffrey, My sister Samantha, and I.

A week after my dad made the decision, he gathered us together to show us the plane tickets scheduled for December 04, 2004. My brother and sister were so excited about traveling. To us it was like a dreamed vacation at that time. I was the most excited one because I was going to see my mother which I haven’t seen for many years at that time.

A few days later after buying the plane tickets my dad came up to me and asked if I wanted to stay we could all stay in Alaska until I finished school, but I told him that sense he already bought the tickets, said that he will make sure we live ok, and said that he will make sure we continue school in Dominican Republic is ok to go. My dad immediately said ok but not quite sure whether taking us or not. He then made a final decision of taking us to Dominican Republic. My step mom was very sad that she was breaking up with my dad. It was not the first time they break up. I guess things didn’t workout again between them.

The day of departure finally came, December 04, 2004, and the airport was crowded and we had like 6 backpacks each and like 5 big suitcases just full of clothes, video games, shoes and more. I guess that was a sign that my was planning to leave us in the Dominican Republic for a long time, but I just didn’t think about it. I was just thinking about meeting relatives, especially my mom.

When the time came of boarding the plane my dad got pulled out of the plane, had to throw away like 5 backpacks, and even pay extra fees for other luggages because we had too many backpacks on us that was not allowed on the plane sense it overpassed the weight limit established back then. (sign number 2 of please don’t leave).

We finally boarded the plane with destination to Minneapolis, which was one of our stops in our journey to Dominican Republic from Anchorage, Alaska. We finally arrived the Saint Paul Airport in Minneapolis after flying for 8 hours. After 1-2 hours of wait, we boarded  our second flight with destination to Miami florida. On that plane we flew for about 4 more hours and my Dad, Jeffrey, Samantha and I were dizzy and exhausted due to long period of time just flying. After arriving to Miami, we were so happy that we needed to take just one more plane. The bad news was that we had to wait 3 more hours, but it was ok sense my brother and sister were going to see their mom who was very sick at the moment with a terminal cancer.

I was not related to her, but I still considered her my mom too,  because she raised me and  loved me as I was her own kid. Also because of her I was able to come and live in the United States with my dad who also petition me through her, bringing hope to my family in Dominican Republic for a better life.

Going on with my travel, we waited 2 hours waiting for Jeffrey and Samantha’s sister from their mom side. Sadly, their sister didn’t show up making that the last chance for them to see their mother. My dad after waiting and waiting, decided to give up and move on to our gate of departure to Dominican Republic, last stop. Our flight was suppose to depart at 6 pm Eastern Time that day and we ended up boarding our plane at 12 am due to    plane inspections lol. I remember they directed us to like 12 gates sense a last minute gate change would occur. I’m telling you all it was the longest trip of my life. And every struggle to get to Dominican Republic was all a sign of the struggles my brother, sister, and I were going to go through in that country.

To be continued….

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