How Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Can Attract Prosperity in Abundance

Spiritual gifts

Hi, today I just wanted to share something different,
a part of me you probably didn’t know about. You can believe this or not
but I know it’s true.




Did you know that all human being possess spiritual gifts?

Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with you or your business?

Well, let me say that understanding your spiritual gifts can help you succeed in anything you desire in life. The gifts that God or higher source gave us, has given us the ability to help others including ourselves, whether is financially or health wise. Discovering your spiritual gifts can benefit you and others in the pursue of financial prosperity or whatever results you’re desiring in life.

You might probably know this, but success comes from within you. The more you tuned your spirit, body, and mind  together, the more you will attract what you want in life and faster.

Your subconscious mind which is the part in you that you can only access through your dreams at night or if you’re hypnotized, needs to be aligned with your conscious mind.

When you connect to your subconscious mind you are connecting to your spirit and you attract to your life what you desire. You see you have within you the ability to attract abundancein everything you desire. You need to have clarity in what it is that you want in life so this can work.

Once you understand the concept that success comes from within, you will
discover abilities within you that you didn’t think you had or were capable of doing.
The purpose of this email is to help you discover those abilities or discover that gift that makes you unique so you can use it to help others and help you have the life you desire.

Take a look at most successful people(Tony Robins, Bill Gates, Napoleon Hill, or the Diamonds in your network marketing business) Do you think they got there by luck? Don’t think so.

They had a vision in their thoughts, then they aligned that vision or desire with their
subconscious mind and attracted the outcome of them having financial success or prosperity without even minding the obstacles. Most of them weren’t aware of what they did to accomplish that outcome.

If you don’t quit in your dreams and desires you will get the results you want in life.

Allow me to shorten the waiting time. Start by discovering your spiritual gifts. Click here for a test to discover what is your spiritual gift.


Michael De La Cruz
In Prosperity


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