How Coachable are you? 5 Steps To Be Coachable

One of the things I learned in my life and that have helped me achieved success in everything I put mind into is being coachable. I was just reading an article that helped me understand the 5 traits or steps that all coachable people share. It made me realize the traits that I possess within me and why I learn, do and teach things in such a high level.


Being coachable is the key to having great success in anything you do and I will lay down the 5 steps to coachability as learned from an article posted by August Turak on Forbes. His article and reference titled Are You Coachable? The Five Steps to Coachability was what inspired me to share these steps and traits with you. If you don’t possess the traits that a coachable person possess, then being stuck, not learning, and not achieving in life is all you will attract. When you let the ego control you, you will always find yourself blaming others, blaming systems, or blaming companies for your failures.

So are you really coachable? Follow these 5 steps or traits to find out:


1. Humility

This is the first trait or step and it truly resonated with me. Hope it does to you too. According to the article mentioned above, humility teaches that there are things we need to do that we cannot do on our own. Humility is the only thing that teaches us that the most important thing we need to learn requires fundamentals changes in our behavior and our way of seeing things or outlook in life.

How do you attain humility? If you thought that it could be attained by reading a book or taking a class, it is not the case. Why? Well while reading this article I realized why I’ve been a coachable person all my life… it has to do with my heart not my mind. In other words, humility requires a change of heart not a change of mind. Working with the people in one of my businesses has truly been a humbling experience. From them I learned more about humility and have made me a better person.


2. Action Bias

I may now have a good relationship, an awesome home business where I help people work from home successfully, and an awesome business as a barber/hairstylist. The most important thing is that I now have a freedom lifestyle and that I can enjoy with my wife and relatives. The point of this is that in order to achieve this kind of results or lifestyle, I had to get off my ass to get to where I’m at today. I didn’t sit down. I met my wife dancing. From that I found a good relationship. I found the perfect home business opportunity by searching for it, and I got into the hair industry by making a decision and training upon it. My point is, that taking action is what gets you where you want to be. If I had not been willing to get up and take action, I would have never achieve what I have today. So that’s the second trait of a coachable person.


3. Purity of Purpose

This is tide to YOUR WHY. when I started my home and hair business, I did it because of the freedom that it brings. The freedom to live life on my terms, the freedom to help others, the freedom to spend time with my wife, the freedom to make as much money as I can possibly can, and last but not least, the freedom to help others do the same including my family. So being connected with your why is what gets you to your purpose.


4. Surrender Control

This is the number 1 thing most people have a problem letting go. As the article states, even when we do find a mentor, we often put him in an impossible situation. You know, that moment when you decide to not give up control until you see the results. Guess what… we only get results if we are willing to give up control. The reason why an authentic or unique change is precipitated by a crisis, is because of the unwillingness to surrender control.

Reading these words made me realize the reason why I struggled at the beginning in my business, in relationships, and in my life in general. Most of the time we let the ego take control and we become stubborn when it comes to letting others help us out. When this type of behavior is perceived, then a coach is needed. If you need to learn how to give up control, just get a coach. How ironic huh.


5. Faith

I can totally resonate with the fifth trait or step that makes a person coachable. Through my own experience I learned that everything I ever did and still do, it’s fuel by faith. You must have faith in whatever you do. Why is that? Something that Mr. Turak made me realize in his article is that life must be lived forward and understood backwards. For example, I would have never thought how beneficial having my own business would be until actually having one. Or when you’re in a bad relationship, you will not know a good one, but after you experience what a good relationship feels like. There is always a saying that people so often say. That saying is, “If I knew years ago what I know now, I would’ve changed years ago”.

So there you have it. 5 steps or traits to determine if you’re coachable and have what it takes to be successful and live the life of your dreams. A reference of these 5 steps or traits can be found by clicking here. Whether you’re in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, traditional business, whatever it is, if you don’t possess the quality or trait of a coachable person, you will have mayor struggles and lots of stress.

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4 Replies to “How Coachable are you? 5 Steps To Be Coachable”

  1. Great post. To be honest I struggle with this sometimes. The ego gets the best of me sometimes. Have to put my ego on the back burner a lot of times.

    1. Thanks for dropping some comments David. I’m glad you liked it. At least you’re aware of the ego and that’s the first step to prevent it from taking over your life. Again appreciate your kind words 🙂

  2. Phenomenal post Michael! So well written and these 5 steps to be coachable are truly spot on. All key traits to have in order to bring your dreams to fruition. Thanks for sharing such value to help others live on purpose. 🙂

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