How Can A Socially Healthy Attitude Benefit Your Business?

Part of having a socially healthy attitude is being able to go with the flow of life.

Life is the best indicator as to whether you are in balance.

When you are in balance life is effortless, opportunities come. and people are very attracted being around you. They’ll make comments like:

  • “You seem to have a glow around you!”
  • “I feel very good when I’m around you!”
  • “You look very happy”.
  • “What’s your secret? You look so healthy!”

And you get these comments even if you’re not the perfect height, weight, and look that you see in the magazines. It’s all energy and people feel healthy energy and want to do business with you. And they’re attracted to your natural curiosity, interest in learning, and the resposibility you take in your life.

When you’re in the Flow:

  • You don’t take things personally.
  • You commit to learning.
  • You understand that there are no such thing as failures.
  • You understand that it is the journey and the lessons you learn along the way are what matters.
  • You have a light hearted approach to business and understand that challenges are opportunities for growth.
  • You’re present to what life brings you.

Socially UNhealthy Attitude 🙁

When you’re not in balance life can be a struggle. “Isms” and addictions becomes natural.

  • Workaholism.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Co-dependency.
  • Food addiction.
  • Anxiety/Depression.

These behaviors are used to numb feelings and keep us from growing. These usually results in anti-social behavior because life is a force that doesn’t encourage these behaviors. So to maintain them one would have to isolate.

Addictions don’t mean the person is bad. They’re just coping mecanisms, but when they interfere with life, it signals that you’re out of the flow or unbalanced.

So attitudes that are not socially healthy are:

  • Blaming people, tools, companies, life, for their losses or failures.
  • Expecting instant gratification.
  • Taking the easy way out.(Quick money without effort or time invested).
  • Taking things personally when they don’t turn out your way.

These types of attitudes aren’t healthy because they block responsibility and growth. Nothing outside of ourselves is to blame. Tools, companies, affiliate programs, and resources are just materials that have no value. The value, is what you do with them and how you perceive with them.


You could be presented with a business opportunity or marketing tools, but they are just things. In and of themselves, they won’t bring you money. If you have a healthy social attitude, you will see this as learning opportunity and find creative ways to make the materials work. And with patience and time invested in learning and applying the skills you learn, you CAN make the business FLOURISH.

Another example:

Two people can be introduced to the same opportunity, but it’s the attitude and perseverence that would bring success. The material itself is not successful. Tt’s what you’re willing to do with it that makes it a success or reality.

You can’t blame the book, the teacher, or the material. It’s all up to you to use the information and exercises that are presented to you to learn, to grow and to make it happen. Nothing or no one can do it for you, as it is your life that we’re talking about.

Anyone can do it. We’re all equal. Life is impersonal, it does not judge. It’s just there to mirror back your own attitudes towards SUCCESS. So choose to go with the flow and attract people and opportunities that can help you build your business. To make it work is up to you.

P.S. Have fun and enjoy the journey to success, we can’t wait to see you at the top!! 🙂


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