Have no money to start a business? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

Have you ever tried to build a business online or any other business? Well I can’t truly tell as I don’t know you yet, but I have noticed that most people’s problem to starting a business is not having money to join or get started in one.


If this is you or if you know of someone that’s going through this harmful situation, here’s the solution and what to do about it.


Here are two videos I want to share with you today that can help you or anyone overcome the “no money to join or start a business situation“.


Video 1:  What if I don’t have the money to join a business? ~ Mike Hobbs

I found this video on his blog post titled, “What if I don’t have the money to join a business?” By Mike Hobbs.


Powerful what Mike said here. When you want something bad enough, you do whatever it takes to get it PERIOD! In this case, how bad you want to start your business and give yourself and the people around you the life of you so deserve.


Video 2: Broke Mindset Prison (Escape Plan)

~ Jon Ochs

I found this video on his blog post titled “Your Biggest Questions/Challenges Preventing Your Success (Answered)” by Jon Ochs.

Another powerful insight I got from this video. See, the type of language you’re speaking on a daily basis is bringing into your life the results you’re getting.

So if everything you’re saying everyday is how broke you are or because of no money I can’t do a certain thing, guess what, you’re going to keep bringing that situation into your life.

See the negative words broke, can’t, no money? That’s all you will get as you keep using them. Like Mike said on the first video, instead of thinking about I can’t, think about how can I come up with the money to start my business and live the lifestyle of my dreams? Well I added that last part, because it’s what you get to experience when you have a business, especially a business and system like Jon, Mike, and I are using. You can learn more about it here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I know when you apply this, it’s going to help you BIG TIME. If you found value here, feel free to share this and leave me your comments below.


All the best,

Michael De La Cruz

photo of michael and krist de la cruz

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