4 Useful Components To Effectively Make Money At Home Online

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Are you ready to make money at home online? Here are 4 necessary components to do it effectively and more efficient

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So the 4 components to make money at home online again and they I learned from one of our top earners who at the time I wrote this, has earned $2 million in commissions using the system on the button above (results not typical), are as follows:

1) You need a capture page A capture page is a website where you’re offering something. And this something could be an e-book, a free training video, or a presentation of your opportunity.

So when the visitor comes to this website, they will have the option to enter their email in exchange for the compelling info or presentation you’re offering them. 

When they enter their email, they’re giving you permission to email them the info in case they didn’t have time to check it out the first time. It’s like instead of you giving out business cards, people are coming to you and giving you permission to contact them for more info.

Most people don’t have much time to check something out so capture pages helps them stay in contact with you and your offer.

2) You need an auto-responder – An auto-responder is a software that allows your subscribers (visitors that entered their email in the capture page) to receive personalized messages about your offer automatically after they enter their email.

The same software can be used to send email messages just like the same way you use your personal email account.

The difference is, an auto-responder allows you to send messages to multiple people at once, instead of having to send an email to one person at a time, which choosing to send email messages to 1 person at a time sounds insane and slavering right? I personally use Get Response and you can learn how it works right here.

3) You need something to sell – The bottom line, you came here to make money, so it’s only fair that you get paid for helping others.

The something that you’re selling has to solve a problem. When you offer solutions to people’s problems, they will pay you for it.

Just like people pay restaurants to take care of their hunger and other needs, the same thing goes making money online.

If you don’t have a product to sell… 

…I personally recommend affiliate internet marketing. In case you did not know, an affiliate type opportunity is when you sell someone’s or a company’s product and when you sell a product, the person or company pays you a commission.

It’s like in real estates and I heard one of our top online earners mention this, but you know how in real estates you make money selling houses? You didn’t build the house, but you get paid a commission for selling a house.

The same way goes with internet marketing affiliate programs. The products are already made and all you do is send people that are in need of solution to their problems to a website that offers the solution to their problems. The internet connects with people from around world that would love to get what you have to offer.

For example I help people who want to make money at home online…  … and not for the sake of making money, but because this solves the problem of being broke, being in a job they hate, or not having the ability to spend time with their loved ones.

4) You need SEO – Ok so Search Engine Optimization is basically having a website optimized so search engines like Google, Bing, etc… can rank it high and give you more exposure so more people on the internet can find your website when they’re searching for solutions to their problems. 

The best way to get SEO is through a blog. Why a blog? When you have a blog, you can add content to it over and over again and search engines love fresh news. Websites such as static websites are the opposite of a blog.

Meaning, you can only add info once and it would be like reading old news paper over and over again. Let’s say you know the problems your products solve. You can write, make a video, or make and audio talking about the problems your product solves and provide the solution.

When you do this and your blog is optimized, search engines will rank your blog post so people looking for the solution your offering, a.k.a product, can find your website(blog) and benefit from the value you’re giving.

And that is all for now, hope you truly got lots of value from this post!


Dedicated to your success,

Michael De La Cruz


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