Don’t Know What or How to Sell Online? Check Out This Big Tip On Selling Online

what to sell online

If you’re lost on selling or don’t know what to sell online, you need to check this out…

This will save a lot of frustrations if not knowing what to sell online or how to sell online.


I started my persuing entrepreneurship in network marketing. But because I wanted to expand and try something new that provided me more freedom, I moved my business to the internet. I started thinking about what to sell online and how to sell something online.

So I started selling the products I alreayd owned from the network marketing company I was a part of. There was a problem with that, I didn’t have any idea how I would sell or even promote my opportunity online, until I was taught and applied what you’re about to learn below…


When I started over a year ago here I was, trying to figure out this internet money making deal.

I was totally doing th wrong things.

Without realizing it, I was spamming people to join my opportunity or buy my products. I was being accused of spammer.


That made me feel terrible, because all I wanted was to succeed and help others do the same with something legit.


At times I would get excited about my results and email my list 5-6 times a day about the opportunity. Big mistake I made, but hey after all I’m a human being.


I realized that I was focusing on my success instead on helping others.


But those failures have made me who I am today and more than ever I feel like I have grown a lot physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


My wife told me how proud she was that I have found something that I’m able to help others and that benefits them both financially and emotionally.


After focusing on helping others, and providing them compelling information, I started making some money, but only measly commissions on cheap products.


I knew that the the best value and where people will succeed the most was on buying what is taught on high ticket products, but because I was self-limiting myself thinking that people wouldn’t spend 500, 1k, 5k in products, I never followed through on offering those products.


And if I did I wasn’t doing it the right way until I applied what my coach taught me below….


I learned this from my coach and mentor Peter..


He taught me that there’s 2 ways of persuading someone:

1.)  Internally
2.)  Externally

If you externally persuade someone (eg. by hyping up your product, making big promises and outlandish claims, and using high pressure closing tactics) you may get a sale… but, that person’s motivation to make a change will be short lived.

Once the initial excitement wears off and reality sets in… that person will usually feel buyers remorse.

Eg. for a lot of people in our niche, the initial excitement of buying is all based on the thought of making a lot of money. But as soon as they realise they have to put in some work, and it’s not a push button system – they lose interest.

 Personally, I prefer not to do things that way…

Watch This Video Below Now/what to sell online

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Instead, all our phone sales are done by asking people questions, uncovering their true needs, and then if appropriate, presenting a customized version of our solution that’s right for them.


The first thing we do, is to find out whether there’s actually a sale to be made in the first place, or not.


Once we get an understanding of what is going on in the other person’s world, we can then decide if they are a good fit for Easiest Sales System.


There’s no old school closing techniques. No dodgy tactics to manipulate them.

No high pressure selling, or convincing people they should buy from us.

You see, we’re not looking to make short term sales… 

Our focus is to gain long term committed partners, who are going to take this seriously. 

They’re going to follow the system just the way we teach them, put in the effort, and as a result build their business to the point where they’re making steady $25, $100, $500, 1k, and 3k sales.


If that resonates with you, and is how you want us to sell to your leads, then apply to partner with us here: <==


See you there soon,

Michael De La Cruz

Michael De La Cruz having dinner with wife and building a business while having a life.









Michael De La Cruz having dinner with wife and building a business while having a life.

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