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It’s Wednesday today and just felt inspired to share this awesome daily quote to live by each day. I know that life can be harsh at times and sometimes we wonder why we don’t attract or achieve what we want. Something I noticed in my life was that whatever we achieve in life it’s tide together with our thoughts. Below you will know in further details what I mean.

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I learned that your brain behaves according to what you feed to it. How are we suppose to live happy or achieve our desired lifestyle, if what we do is feed negative thoughts to our brain on a daily basis?




At time we judge each other saying things like “I’m broke” “I’m fat” “I’m ugly” or “life sucks”. So what happens when you focus on saying these things each day? Well, you attract more of that. More and more each day I realize that your reality is created by your thoughts accompany by the choices you make.


Do you think rich people are rich because, they were destined to be rich? I thought the same thing when I was younger. You see I was programmed to believe that only people that are born in rich families can achieve success. I THEN REALIZED HOW WRONG I WAS. It was until became aware of my surroundings that I realized that ANYONE CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS.


I saw people that were in deep poverty rising and achieving great success and even becoming millionaires in small towns. I saw disabled people achieving riches and wealth. I saw homeless people becoming bosses and rising from the dust.


I said to myself, WHY so many people from different backgrounds, different life struggles, and that live in different circumstances are achieving so much success? I noticed that they did things in a certain way  that most people aren’t aware of. You see successful or rich people are where they at because they do things in a certain way by accident or on purpose.


I got this quote from “The Science of Getting Rich”:

“A person can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can
cause the thing he thinks about to be created” ~Wallace D. Wattles


I found this to be so true. I mean we see it on a daily basis in our lives. When a group of people decide to make a new building, don’t they think about how it’s going to look first? You bet!


Another example is, my wife and I do hair. Before we make people look and feel beautiful there is a though form that creates that image in our mind before making it a reality.


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Finally,  my  daily quote to live by for Today Wednesday and and everyday pretty much


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