Cameras and Life how are they related?‏

Life is a Camera Quote

Happy day! Michael here again!

Besides owning a business online, I assist people with their hair needs. Each time I cut or style my clients’ hair, I take a picture of the work and the whole experience at my place of work.

At times, some pictures don’t look quite right. They don’t have the right lighting or they look blurry.


The point is that even though some pictures come out ugly as heck, is what you do about it that tells a lot about you.

Now… you may be asking, what does a camera have to do with anything about life?

Well… I realized that what you do after you realized that you took a bad shot, tells you a lot about yourself.

A good friend of mine named James Harris have gifted me a camera. 

Each time I take a photo and the photo doesn’t come out right,  I take another shot until I get the right one.


It’s funny when I ask my clients, “can I take another shot?” I take another one until it looks great! That’s the type of person I am. I discovered that quality about myself


Have you ever asked life or even yourself to take another shot at things that initially goes wrong?


I realized that attitude, business, and everyday life runs the same way.

life is a camera quote











If things don’t workout in your personal or financial life, just take  another shot until your desired outcome comes out!

When things seems bad in my financial and personal life, I simply take another shot until it becomes good.


Live me your thoughts below,

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Michael De La Cruz

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