Bootcamp: 7 Days Profitable Business Blogging 101: Day 3- Choosing The Best Platform

Bootcamp: 7 Days Profitable Business Blogging 101: Day 3

Choosing you platform


Hey Michael De La Cruz in the house! Novenber 1 2014 was a memorable night for my wife and I. We and a group of friends went to thi event where, we ate, danced, and had a night filled with joy and laughter. At 12am my wife and I started our first year anniversary celebration. Wow, time flies, but I’m surely enjoying the journey with the people I love and helping others do the same.


This is the beauty of creating your dreamed lifestyle. You see to me business is not about the money you make, but about the moments you get to share with your loved ones and the value you get to provide to change people’s lives. 


My wife Krist is a hairdresser and I’m attending hair Science barber school to joyfully work next to her side. I decided a couple years ago to create a work around my dreamed lifestyle and I can say today that I’m living that reality thanks to the beauty of the internet and everything that I’ve been showing you!


In today’s lesson you will learn how to choose the right platform.

If you missed Day 2 Lesson, “How to give your readers what they want”, you may access it here <==


There are several major platforms to blog on, but for simplicity’s sake, we’re only going to focus on three options: WordPress (self hosted), Blogger and Viral Blogging System (VBS). All three give you strong, steady options to blog from, and all three are easy to configure – and best of all, all three should integrate with any structure you’ve already created or are planning to create within your business.


You may find, however, that you can’t integrate the self hosted WordPress with your site, but you should find that you can find a complimentary template on most good self hosted WordPress blogs.


WordPress – self hosted

Image of wordpress self-hosted blogging platform


By far and away, one of the most popular options for anyone that is serious about their blogging, the self hosted WordPress option. You can install your blog anywhere on your site, and its completely within your control, which means YOU can choose what you’d like to have running – an important feature if you’re looking to add the ability to do things like email the information to people, or polls. Or your own advertising in some cases.


By far and away, the easiest way to install WordPress is via Fantastico – most cpanel hosts offer both Fantastico and the ability to install up to date WordPress. Otherwise, you can find instructions online at
You can choose your own themes, your own plugins – and modify it in any way you see fit.



Image of Google Blogger Blogging Platform


Blogger is a Google owned blogging system, and is highly popular with non tech savvy people. It gives you a basic frame to build on – and is less flexible than either version of WordPress hosted blogs.


However, Blogger is a great option if you really don’t want to modify anything to do with your blog, other than the theme and possibly add some surface widgets.
Blogger also lets you archive your blog on your own site, giving you all of the benefits of self hosting with none of the update headaches.


Ultimately, there are more software options for your blog – such as Moveable Type (perl based) and Typepad (hosted, by the same company that offers Moveable Type and Livejournal). Moveable type is not free for commercial purposes – another one that isn’t free, but is a really solid blogging package is Expression Engine – again, you’ll have to make sure that you get a valid licence for it, for the purposes you want to use it for.

Personally I don’t use websites that I can’t customize to my needs or that has other people’s ads on.

Thats why I personally use and recommend using the below platform, as it’ll save you headaches and time:


Viral Blogging System


Regardless of what others say about this platform, this is the one I use to market my my products, my knowledge, and my business in general. 

If you have no clue of how to setup a website/blog or don’t want to deal with templates this my friend is what you need.

i love the fact that you can post content such as: images, text, videos, and audio right from your smartphone or tablet in just minutes. This platform is a game changer for non-techie people that want a presence on the internet and need a tool to market anything on the internet.


Besides getting the platform, you also get training on how to optimize it in its full potential. So there is no more guessing on how to get a website. I love this one because it comes ready out of the box, meaning, all you have to is post content to it as soon as you get access to it.

The blogging platform is so easy to customize that even grandma can use it. Everywhere I go with my smartphone I can take pictures and uploaded to my website, making my business be profitable form anywhere in the world. 

allows its’ users to maintain numerous blogs across a variety of domains from one account. A company spokesman said, “The goal is to make an easier, faster design than the original system and better than any other blogging platform.”

Another main feature of the Viral Blogging System is the mobile application, which syncs both the computer and smartphone blogging systems in various ways. In the past, other platforms released mobile apps that did not utilize many features or bring the same experience users enjoy on the web.



When you start getting into the setup, maintenance and advance features, WordPress really is a difficult pain,” said President David Sharpe. “It was designed to be super user-friendly. Over time, it’s become more and more complicated. Whether you agree or you don’t, we’ve decided to make blogging easy so anyone could do it, even a grandma who’s new to the Internet. Blog Beast is everything WordPress was originally meant to be.”

Blog Beast can simplify the audio/video blogging experience by allowing its’ users to record vido or audio by using the mobile app. In only two simple clicks, anybody can post a podcast or video online from their smartphone or computer, which makes Blog Beast available to even less tech savvy users.


The Viral Blogging System also makes it easier to allow users to reblog posts from other sites in the Viral Blogging network. It still gives credit to the original author, while posting content on new blogs.


A completely redesigned commenting feature allows readers to share blogs and their comments on numerous social media platforms, while linking back to the original blog post.


Users can also withhold premium content with a content locking feature, which restricts access to the content. Users are then given a call to action for users to upgrade their accounts in order to view the content.


“We wanted to create an atmosphere where no matter where you are and what your idea is, you can put it on your website/blog when inspiration strikes,” Sharpe said. “That’s one of the many ways we are changing the viral blogging industry. Imagine building and managing a business from your phone.”

This blogging platform is not free, but I can honestly and in excitement say, that you get way more value than what you pay for.

how much is it?

Please don’t laugh, but it only cost $25.00/month and that is just for the hosting. To learn more about this platform get access to the training below. I will send it directly to your inbox.


The Internet income age is not going anywhere. In fact it is growing in size, significance, and relevance. The key is to boil down how to blog for business and for profit effectively. I’m here to show you how.


Button of free viral blogging system training video


If you found value spread the word please! and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave your coments below!


Michael De La Cruz

Your make it online friend

See you on the beaches of the world

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