Bootcamp: 7 Days Profitable Business Blogging 101: Day 2

Bootcamp: 7 Days Profitable Business Blogging 101: Day 2


Hello, Michael De La Cruz here again with Day 2 on the 7 days series. Sorry about the delay. I’m also a barber so have been pretty busy on that. This is the beauty of having a business online. It gives you the flexibility of doing other things that can benefit you and others.

If you missed [Day 1] of the series you may get access here <== 

Ok here we go with todays lesson…


How to Give Your Readers What They Want?

It’s very important that you look at what you’re about to do from a reader’s perspective. 


The average person doesn’t care about profitability. He doesn’t care that you’re optimising to make the most out of PPC (Pay Per Click) clicks. He REALLY doesn’t care that you’ve worked hard in getting your information into the search engine – and in front of them.

ALL he cares about is what they are looking for – and they are hoping that YOUR site is the site that will provide it.


Average Joe will remain on your site and read ONE POST in for anywhere up to 30 seconds. They might then click on your PPC advertising – they might sign up for your newsletter – they might read more of your posts (yes!) or, if your site doesn’t live up to what they were expecting – what they were looking for, they’ll click away, either back to the search engine, or to their next option from the search engine such as Google or Bing


Most people say that blogging is about the eyeballs, but that’s just one part. Blogging isn’t just about eyeballs on your page – it’s about eyeballs on your page, and comments in your inbox. People have to have a reason to come back, and the simplest way to ensure that is to ensure you’ve got a reason for them to WANT to visit your site again.


This stickivity is what makes blogging so tantalising- if you can get it right, your blog will attract Average Joe, Average Jane and all of their friends, because the best blogs get commented on in other places – and shared with others.
So, from a reader’s perspective is your blog going to fulfil a) your niche and b) give your readers quality, quantitative content that will either strike a controversial or empathic chord with them, giving them something to comment on..


How to Truly Give Your Readers What They Want?…


Studies suggest that there’s up to a 1/4 of the internet, reads blogs – that’s a lot of eyeballs. And on top of that, another study suggests that there’s two blogs founded every minute. Two blogs a minute is 120 blogs an hour – and nearly 3000 a day. Take that to its logical conclusions and that’s a lot of blogs competing for a less rapidly increasing source of traffic.


More than that though, blogs are competing for a specific NICHE of readers – though its true that some blogs will pull in readers from search engines, blogs still don’t have the impact of static sites – and the average internet user may not know HOW to search blogs – let alone that even exists, so you can’t rely on them finding you UNLESS you are not only good – but one of the best in your niche.



Once you’ve got the absolute best information in your niche, you can be sure that you’ll attract the right kinds of traffic, and that they’ll attract MORE traffic by referencing you on their sites – bookmarking you, and more.


Blogging is all about the reader – ultimately, its not about how well you position yourself, or how strongly you optimise your site – though you can bookmark yourself, and generate a certain amount of traffic that way – the best sites have faithful readers that bookmark and discuss the site independently of ANY input from the site owner (you).


The best blogs are one or a mix of tips and advice, hobby or interest discussion, technique and connection. When blogging, if you can make a connection with your reader, then you’ve won most of the battle. ‘Connecting’ with your readers is as simple as being personable, and approachable, and giving people a chance to empathise with you.

Who is your reader?


Thinking about what your reader wants to see lets you work out WHO your reader is. Which you’ll need later too, to advertise your blog effectively.

So who IS your ideal reader?

Do they have a specific interest, within your niche?
ULTIMATELY, when you know who your reader is, you can plan the creation of a blog that will fully appeal to any readers you attract. If you’ve planned on whom you’re targeting, you’ll find it far easier to write content that will continue to satisfy your readers, whilst giving you room to evolve and plan more content as you grow.
Got all of that sorted out?

Now you can move onto the technical stuff!

Not a techie person? Dont worry this blogging system <== is GRANDMA PROOF.


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