[Bob Proctor Guided Meditation]- How to Change Paradigms

Bob Proctor Guided Meditation – Changing Paradigms

“In this powerful 16-minute guided meditation audio, you’ll learn how to banish those conditioned harmful beliefs, or “paradigms” which are controlling your life and limiting your success”. Proctor, B.

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Thanks to this meditation I’m more open to success and my 2 businesses which you can learn more about by entering your email on the right in any of the 2 fields, are growing each day. Shifting paradigms will help you banned from your mind these implanted beliefs that you might’ve gotten from a hater or someone that sees potential in you.


I just want to share with you guys a meditation that really helped me unblock those crazy beliefs that prevented me from succeeding. This meditation will reprogram your way of thinking in life. For many years I’ve been noticing that people that don’t succeed in a business or anything in life is because they’re belief system is controlling them. It was controlling me too until my girlfriend introduced me to meditating and re-programming my mind in order to move forward and accomplish my goals and being free from struggles.


I was really tired of not having enough money to pay my bills, not enough money to send to my relatives in my country, and not having time to spend with my loved ones. The thing is that I had belief that whatever people told me was true. They always told me, “Michael you’re never going to make it in those businesses you’re in, everything is a scam, and everything is to take advantage of you and get your money.


So I actually believed that and do to that belief I was always afraid of trying opportunities that came to me, I even rejected jobs promotion because people telling me that the managers were just trying to use my energy so I can get tired and quit or they just didn’t want to pay me more money as in the position I was, I was earning huge incentives and by being a trainer they would take the incentive away.


And that’s the reason why most people struggle because due to their belief system, change is a bad thing and they think that they would not be good enough for that change. Whether is abundance, better jobs, a successful business, and more, “paradigms” or harmful beliefs, really influence every aspects of our lives and below you will learn more about how to get rid-off those beliefs that are controlling and limiting your success in life.

My Thoughts on How to Change Paradigms

The other day I was just reading this article my wife shared with me this meditation fromBob Proctor. Through it. I’ve learned that I have banned from my brain certain harmful beliefs that were preventing me from succeeding in life.


The thing is that when we’re kids our family, environment, society etc. could program our mind with bad beliefs that gets encoded into our brain and due to those harmful beliefs or what Bob Proctor refers to as “paradigms”, we get stuck in life and our success is very limited.


“But it’s not just about abundance. Paradigms influence every aspect of our lives. You can repeat this meditation as many times as you want to un-brainwash yourself of any paradigms limiting your health, relationships, career and personal development”. Bob Proctor.


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I say it because my own friends thought that making money online was not possible or they simply would say that they don’t have time for that because they’re belief is that life should be lived by struggles to accomplish something.


I always pray to God for my success and for others success. He helped me meet my girlfriend Kristy, which introduced me to a whole new level of spirituality for my success and to help others achieve their Goals and get to the right path.


Thank you God for providing me with these tools and for blessing my businesses online to help others and help my loved ones.


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