Best Success Tips on Starting an online business. Focus on being yourself and giving people what they need and want.

  • Starting an Online Business?

Let me start by apologizing if any info was misleading in the past, because it was never my intention. Truth is I’m here to help and educate people that you can succeed by being you. When people know you, they trust you and will connect with you. In the past I didn’t know how to express myself on my vision but I’m now aware. So please if anything negative you perceive let me know.

Your feedback is very important as personal development is my major interestto continue to help you guys.

  • Success Tip that has work for me and many people

Focus on helping others rather than just trying to take their money. Money is just energy. People can perceive when you’re just BSing from 1000s miles away.

If you’re not being real with them then you’re not being real with yourself. So as a tip, be yourself no matter what. There is nothing more powerful than being the best version of yourself in everything you do, because when you don’t pretend, people will come to you and buy anything from you because they like you and you inspire them to positive things. Your quality or who you are is worth more to people than the products you’re selling.

Please provide me with your feedback on my blog and if there is anything you would like to know about blogging or how this online thing works let me know because I will provide you info about it for free. lol> to me it’s not about the money it’s all about breaking free and helping others break free. Always give what people want. They will apprecieate you more


Michael De La Cruz

Being real and your online mentor

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