Being in an Expanded Awareness

You see that’s what my blog will be about. People sharing these types of words. But yeah is true. I expect being financially independent and many other blessing that God will provide or already has, Cuz I see the things from the future as if they are already happening. I have a vision that I will be helping many people be free or have more options in life. God and other beings coming from him are downloading big ideas to my brain that it is going to benefit a lot of people. I want to thank Dave & Dave and all my Empower Network community for expanding people’s vision. Expanded Awareness it is!!

I found out through dreams, thoughts, etc that I’m a helper in this world and no matter how bad things might be, I see it them as learning experiences. I’m finding out that I got bigger purpose in this world, but before it manifests I have to learn a few more things.

 You always see me calm but it is when your mind is calm and your heart is light and open when big things happen. I have found that people could live this world however they want to live it, if they just get attuned to a new way of thinking or a new way of being. My current job has its downs but if you focus on helping others and put the EGO aside you don’t feel those downs and negativity comes but it bounces off you.

 I’m not leaving the job I’m working at in a few months because I hate it or anything, it’s because I was called for a bigger purpose, I also have other people to help.  I’m working on freeing myself by riding this vehicle with Empower Network I’m going to commit to and at the same time help others have this expanded awareness that people have blocked because of focusing on negativity.

I mean negativity always comes to people but is your ability to shift them that gets you through’em. Not only that, but most of the times is not even you rown negativity emotions, but you’re picking up on someone else’s mood. The thing is that when negativity comes you usually pick it up from other people so is not even you. As long as you are aware that is not you, you could do something about it, but you have to know when you’re balance.

If you over react to negativity you’re not balance person. At that moment pray for balancing and self-control. Also meditating helps you have a calm and unstressed mind. It could also connect you to this Expnded Awareness which will eventually help you open your mind to a universe of beneficial ideas and expan your mind to a NEW WAY OF BEING.

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